4 ladies. 4 Aloha shirts. 4 distinct styles.

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  1. Just cnto into a crop top, button it all the way to the top. black skinny jeans,white or black sneakers totally tumblr

  2. I wore them all the time in high school. I thought I was cool, smoking bud in the ladies restroom unnoticed. People would tell me I was chill and asked if I smoked all the time. It got to my head… definitely a better time than the emo phase though. GROSS.

  3. I would style it just like Chrissy, but Nina delivered! Her styling was the most unexpected and very chic, in my opinion. 😘

  4. I love Amal sooo much and just that now I have someone and I look I can relate to in videos is so inspiring (I’m Muslim as well)

  5. Emily’s was the best hands down. My idea would have been to tie it like Chrissy did but with a bralette or Nina’s kind of top underneath, and denim shorts. But it’s not like I’m a stylish person or anything..

  6. Lmao I thought the title said "Stealing" instead of "Styling" 😂😂 I was like, "Well this is gonna be interesting lmaoo"

  7. I would've cropped it either as a croptop (very short with a tub top under it or just normal) or i would've just tied it at my waist and paired it with mom jeans 🙂


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