Five outfits- for the days when it seems like Spring has arrived, and for the days when mother nature reminds you- not today gorlfrand, not today. It’s still cold af. Add or take off a layer if needed 😀

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Finally this is out! I love love love how this video turned out!

True story: this was originally supposed to come out back in January, but was put on the back burner when I started on the Seoul Fashion Week backstage series (which there’s one still pending ^^)- and stayed there as I had a bunch of other projects to finish first.

And so…this actually was supposed to have been a winter boots lookbook, but obviously that didn’t happen so I thought with all the layering that’s done in this video it could still serve as a winter to spring lookbook! So… technically it wasn’t made with that idea in mind- but I hope this can still serve as some inspo for these coming weeks!

**Lots of love to Lolly for helping out a homie with filming! Thank you so much mengs ;;;;; – ;;;;;;**

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– Top: Market
– Dress: Ewha w. uni are
– Boots: Marshalls
– Jacket: Zara
– Scarf – Peru
– Hat: Punyus

✿ OUTFIT 2 :
– skirt (yep, actually a skirt, but iduncurr and I wore it as a shirt) : My sis G made it way back when lol
– leggings – michael kors
– sweater: lil ma knitted it
– jacket: bb dakota
– boots: gmarket
– beret: spinns

✿ OUTFIT 3 :
– top: (whoops wrote in zara actually it’s from mango!)
– skirt: thrifted
– boots: gmarket
– sweater: La Mama (Lil Ma’s lil ma knitted this ((waaaaaaaay before I was born)) fam is talented yo)
– trench: london fog
– scarf: peru
– hat: gmarket

– top: peru
– pants: Barbie (yeah literally Barbie- bought at the Barbie store in harajuku)
– sweater: Lil Ma
– boots: gmarket
– scarf: peru
– beret: punyus

– top: peru
– leggings: market
– dress: thrifted
– sweater: Lil Ma
– boots:
– jacket: Michael Kors
– scarf: hongdae
– beret: punyus

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✖ Camera: Nikon d5200
✖ Lens: Rokinon Fish Eye Lens & Nikon 35mm f1.8
✖ Editing Software: FCPX


  1. i loooved this!! you're such an inspiration, i loved the last outfit. and this style and editing of the video is perfect, honestly just sat here in awe.
    have a great day and thanks for lovely content 💛

  2. Awesome lookbook! Video edits ON POINT!

    So, real talk. How do you feel about this seasons of tiny grandma-style flower patterns? I tried to do some subway shopping yesterday and I was so dismayed! All the shirts and dresses look like grandma's curtains, table cloths, sleeping gowns… I honestly have NO IDEA what to do with this season's fashion. ㅠㅠ Waaaahhhh

  3. I've always been afraid to rock different patterns at the same time. but you make it work, so jealous of your eye. keep slaying!!!!

  4. I love all your looks but i fell in love with your purple/gray sweater 😍. Good vibes!!! 💛✌

  5. Loooooovee all the outfits!! <3 LIke daamm yes every outfit so unique!!! But my heart goes to the 1st a second mainly~ Your layering skills and colours A+ YEAA BOI!

  6. Oh my gosh the sweater in outfit 2, so in love! And can I say, I am OVERLY obsessed with your editing! It's amazing!

  7. I love your style not really like mine but always cool to see evolve and take shape on a person such as you thanks a bunch for the vid

  8. Oh my god! YouTube needs more content like this, with some funky 70s inspired music, bright colors, crazy patterns, yes yes yes yes! This made my day. Thank you 🙂

  9. How does your editing get even more amazing video after video?! Lol. Honestly you are very underrated and deserve some more love!

  10. I love your style!!! It's very opposite from mine because my wardrobe is pretty dark but I appreciate this look book. It was a lot of fun and I wish you great success because you deserve it!!! 😄😘🙌🏾

  11. 1 and 3 are so much fun!! Really love those two!! maybe because I love yellow and orange ish colors lol. I love your outfits they're great!!!

  12. I just got into your videos and the first thought I had was "She has a body like me!!" which really gave me some confidence in trying new looks ♡♡


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