Something a little different than my usual videos, but just sharing a ‘recent’ (back in March!) haul that I bought. I don’t usually go shopping and if I do, it’s always less than $30 so I decided to try my hand at reviewing and showing off some of my cheap purchases online.

Do you guys usually buy clothing online? If so, what websites do you guys recommend? Anything I should return?! (Haha)

This video wasn’t sponsored at all since I’m just your average Joe citizen of ‘fashion’ so I wish I could have shown you a bigger haul, but all I could afford was this – haha. I highly recommend Yesstyle and personally love it and am happy with their products, however. Thanks for watching! 🙂

Items Shown in this Video:

[lilygirl – Floral Embroidered Tunic Dress]

[Cloud Nine – Moon Print T-Shirt]

[Tiny Times – Fishnet Tights]

[Ukiyo – Short-Sleeve Embroidered T-Shirt]

[Renara – Camisole Top]
No Longer Available 🙁

[ever after – Plain Light Jacket]

[Effie – Striped Cutout Ruffled Sundress]

[Windflower – Frill Trim Off-shoulder Long-Sleeve Top]
No longer Available 🙁

[Arconte – V-Neck Light Cardigan]

Here’s my Instagram picture of the Red Dress in this video:

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  1. you're damn pretty ♥ i really enjoyed watching the video and i liked the efforts you put in the video (editing and quality)
    i'm a youtuber too and i hope we support each others from today ♥ GOOD LUCK AND GOOD JOB ♥

  2. I've never heard of this company before. It was so fun seeing what items you picked!!! ☺️💕💕

    Love the white dress with the embroidery. That's gorgeous!

  3. I just found your channel and I already subscribed! I really liked the video, pretty cool, but could you please leave the link in the description of the clothes that bought, please? ❤️

  4. It's all so pretty! I really like the white frilled top and the tunic dress with the floral embroidery on. Got to love yesstyle <3 ^~^


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