On this week’s episode of Sweet Digs, we check out the Cobble Hill apartment of Jessica Tarantino. The 30 year old NYC resident moved to the city to shorten her commute to an IT company in Manhattan. Press play on the latest episode of Sweet Digs to tour her mid-century modern space!

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High rent, small spaces, nosy neighbors — we put up with A LOT of things to live where we love. In Sweet Digs, Refinery29 gets a peek inside the homes of the coolest people we know, from tiny studios to sprawling houses, and ask the real questions like, “Wait, how much is your rent?”

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  1. No wallpaper. You will either want to change it, or you will have to deal with taking it down when you leave. Very cute flat, though.

  2. Really nice apartment – just a note there is a reason you no socket (outlet) your bathroom it's for safety reasons against electric shock.

  3. PULL THAT PICTURE OF YOUR MOM OUT OF THE CLOSET! My mom would die if she saw I stuffed her photos in the closet lol.

  4. Oh my gosh you look EXACTLY like your mother! I saw the frame in the back and went “oh she’s married?” So beautiful ❤️

  5. I'd love to know what these Sweet Digs-ers do for work and what percentage of their income they spend on rent.

  6. Beautiful apartment, great interior design, but during the great majority of this video I could only ask myself: why is her mom’s picture in the closet?

  7. $2,800 monthly for that!! What in the fuck!? I have so many question. What do you do for a living? How much do you make? How do you manage with other bills?!? I’m shook. How does one afford this?!?!? Jeez, like what the hell! This is just insane to me.

  8. At 1:18 where she is showing her mom's portrait, she is standing next to another portrait with a picture of a bride. When Jessica gets married(and if she wants to), she should follow suit and take a picture of herself in the wedding gown holding this portrait.

  9. Your place is decor goals 😍😍 I love that leather couch, definitely worth the money. As for the wallpaper choices the floral one would be cool

  10. It would be cool to see some apartments in other big cities other than NYC. I get that NYC is huge and each neighborhood has its own feel, but people who will never even consider moving to NYC will not be inspired. Maybe some west coast cities, ie Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Bay Area. Hell even Philly, Chicago, Austin, or New Orleans. Really anything but NYC on repeat. The one you had of the comedian who pays $850 for her LA apartment was definitely the most interesting to me and she actually had an attention grabbing style. I like watching these videos because it can give me inspiration since my own apartment is so tiny, and it's really cool to see what these people come up with when met with similar issues.

  11. Love the navy blue walls and brown leather sofa. The two colors complement each other. I also love the interior French doors.

  12. My god. That's expensive. I am so glad I'm building a tiny house bc this is so unnecessary. Who needs all of this? It looks so cluttered.

  13. Honey, mid century is the 50's. Not 60's and 70's. West elm is so cliche. Everyone has that same coffee table. She is so unoriginal.

  14. Woah! Hold up. You're paying that much and you don't have laundry in your building?!?!??!?!?! That's fucking ridiculous. It's laughable. God damn new Yorkers are stupid. Just tossing their money at anything.

  15. so pretty! the natural light! such a great layout. An the west elm pieces within the apartment are superb. Great taste. Before you said that was your mom in the pic, I thought it was you! So pretty. I like the blueish-green colored wallpaper. Like, one wall full of it would be nice.


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