Here’s our first time trying south Korean fashion (한국 패션) from Yesstyle!
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If you’re reading this, comment: so soft, much idol

🚨Code for 10% off on Yesstyle: NIKISAMMY10
Visit the website here:

Items we wore in this video:

Brown Platform Oxford shoes:

White plimsoles

Boxy black crew t shirt

Lace-up ‘cushion’ sneakers

SURE! oversized jumper

Side stripe black jumper

Striped colour/hem black sweater

‘Another Day’ jumper

Big thank you to Yesstyle for providing the code above! Let us know if you have ever used the site and what you thought of the mens korean fashion items in this haul video! We love Korean 한국어 style and are definitely going to try more in 2018! This video was not sponsored 🙂

Items in this video:

Please feel free to submit captions for this video!


  1. Ive been out all day with my friends, found out that my School is closed tomorrow and came home to find that you’ve uploaded a video, today’s been good to me…

  2. Yayyy!!!! So happy you uploaded a yesstyle haul I've been wanting to order of them for so long. Also as a cheapo and a fellow british person did you have to pay customs? Plus I loveeee the metallic copper shoes. Work it!!!

  3. You are the best youtubers ever. You were so nice when I met you at hello world and you have replied to mine and my friends dms! You have made our day xxx

  4. Niki I highly recommend you check your Twitter DMs as there is a tiny weeny group called the Niki Defence Squad. We’ve all been saying some vvv important things in there that you need to see thanks 🙂 😂

  5. ㅋ 이 덤앤더머는 무슨근거로 저따위 스티일을 코리안스타일이래 왜곡된 사실로 코리아 우롱하지마라 찐따들아

  6. Welpppp damn I’ve been wanting to order some stuff on yesstyle but keep putting it off (cause I’m so poor rn 😂) but guess now I’ll have too… 10% off thoo I cant nottt 😂😂👌🏻👌🏻

  7. Sammy You can wear a long buttoned shirt underneath the short/cropped jumper that you bought and it would look cool I’ve seen idols wearing short jumpers with a long buttoned shirt underneath like Tae from BTS when he was an MC once 🤗

  8. I love Yesstyle! I've been ordering clothes from there for years and they're always so nice. The sizing can be kind of confusing sometimes though :,)

  9. i love videos like this!! i looooove your fashion sense and i find it super interesting to see what things you both buy & where they're from!! plus you always look on point

  10. Love your videos 💕 Could you react to Day6/ Stray Kids next? Day6 – ‘i need somebody’ or ‘I wait’ and they are a band from JYP (borderline Kpop/krock). Stray kids – ‘hellevator’ they are a recent group from JYP too. Thanks 😝💕


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