by request: TOY FAIR 2018!! We’ve got your FIRST LOOK at ALL the NEW Hatchimals from SpinMaster Toys! NEW Mini Figures, NEW Plushies, NEW Play Sets and Much More! … Enjoy!!

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  1. Omg! I always wanted a hatchimal there so cool!!! Like always Amazing video!!!.. can I get a shoutout?! 🙂 I’m not saying this cause I wanna shoutout but you are one of my 3 favorite YouTubers!💜

  2. OMG is froggy’s name Latoya?!!!???i seen it on her name tag!! Btw thanks so much for filming this video for everyone who could go to New York

  3. Hey froggy! I just wanted to tell you that there is a new blind bag called star wars micro force. They are so tiny and cute, they would be perfect for toys for dolls.

  4. Hello from good ole Blighty (UK),
    My two little girls Jessie and Lexi are Hatchimal OBSESSED. Right now we are near completion on Season 1 and just beginning Season 2. They are the only ones available over here at the mo.
    I am excited to see what is coming out next and I wondered if you knew release dates for the UK? I would love to get them the advent calendar this year but I don't know if it will be available.
    Huge thanks for sharing this. I will be subscribing and following for updates. Great to have found you. Good work, girls!

  5. hi froggy stuff just watched your live stream 10 minintes after it ended looks like you had love btw your my favorite youtuber please pin my comment thanks!!!

  6. Hi froggy! Please notice me! It's ok if u pin me too just saying even though I know you won't notice me I l still love YOUR VIDEOS!


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