by request: TOY FAIR 2018 with DISNEY PRINCESSES!!!!!!!!!!
ALL NEW Disney Princesses | New Fashion, New Dolls, New Action Dolls, New Accessories, New Play Sets, Mulan, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Moana & Much Much More! LOVE you guys and Happy Collecting!

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  1. I wish I could play with dolls but my family make fun of me for it. I still have all my dolls sitting in my closet but I cant play with them becuase I'm too embarrassed. They used to calm me down all the time and I used to be so excited to come back home and play with my dolls. they used to help me cope But now i feel like i loose my temper easily and I always feel mad because I cant do what I used to love the most.😭😭 (Btw im the same age as little froggy just in case anyone is wondering how old I am)

  2. I really want her to do a custom Hasbro princess swap with the made to move and can she include Jasmine I would live to see that❤❤❤❤

  3. I love your channel so much you're so inspiring and that just helps me to learn that crafting is not just to do it for fun it's to express yourself also I wish I can go to the toy fair but I can't so yeah but please can you pin me because I never got pin before

  4. Hi it's me again where did you get the music from because in all your videos I sing the music all the time and sometimes I'm in the shower I'll try to find it on music but I can't so I just go on your channel and I'll skip to the end and listen to the music but later I watch the whole video

  5. And here's just one question I know little Froggy's name is Bella I really don't need to know your name but if I did that would be cool but what is foggy boys name love you love you Channel I ❤️🐸

  6. I love how my two favorite disney princesses are action dolls
    plus,It makes at lot of sense because Mulan dressed up as a
    boy to FIGHT and Rapunzel is very daring and fearless.


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