It’s been a while since introducing some new techwear brands, so let’s check some stuff out!

Descente Allterrain on END:
Tilak on Matches Fashion:
Tilak Poutnik (Official Site):
And Wander on Mr Porter:
Alk Phenix (Official Site):
Civilized (Official Site):
Holy Grail (Official Site):
Sever on END:

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  1. I feel like if you spend alot of money on techwear you may look good on photos, but it's not really that practical in real life situations, saw a photo on Reddit of some guys in Acronym from head to toe, and it looks cool but it's so damn expensive that I wonder if they use it to its full potential. Techwear is not about the functionality of the clothes, it's about the fit, the functionality is just a gimmick to earn more money and for bragging, people are never gonna use that functionality to jack shit.

  2. Your face is red because you have an allergy, most common cause is milk and meat allergy, you should go vegan and your face will clear up.

  3. Really enjoyed this video!
    Those Descente Allterrain sandals are some HEAT!
    I've been looking at modern Russian military surplus, might need to take a gamble on it

  4. Pronunciation tips
    Descente allterrain: day-sahnt
    Suicoke: Sooey and coke like coca cola. In japanese スイコック is su-i-kok-ku
    Tilak: tih-luhk (like tee-luck)
    Alk Phenix: alk phoenix or aruku – phoenix if you're a weeb (also because it originates from aruku for walking)
    YKSous: whybuy-kek-soos
    Sever: sever-e prices

  5. A brand that I think is really great in terms of design and quality is Fjallraven, lacks in being lightweight and being traditionally techwear, but with a more hiking aesthetic and durable feel, super cool stuff, will be picking up the anorak no6 soon I think

  6. Was so hyped when i got the new video notification, but the hype got so low when i heard the prices x( Quality does not come cheap ^^

  7. Do you think that it is a good idea to take a techwear piece to customize it (like, adding printed patterns, to create a more colorful piece) ?

  8. Nice round up Antwon! I think you also need to checkout GALL ( A bit pricey, but I've splurged on them the last two seasons, as their trousers and coats are serious imo.

  9. I've been seeing a lot of And Wander being pushed heavily, I think it will become very big soon. However, I'm a pleb that won't spend 500 quid on a jacket, so I guess I will never know if its any good

  10. Look Up Black Tailor on insta, mostly cheap FOG nockoff, but they have som nice tech pants for 50$

  11. I recently found a brand called viktøs. They mostly make gear with shooting in mind but some of their pieces, especially the 3L Team hardshell jacket looks geat for techwear fits.

  12. Nice vid and very informative as always, Antwon. Have you checked on White Wolf Society brand though? They only have 1 amazing jacket atm and the features are superbly amazing. The tecnical zips and all. Have yet to test out their water repellency.

  13. does anyone have a recommendation for a jacket in spring time, having a hard time finding a good not too pricey one

  14. Peak performance is another brand to check out! I think they have some pants and jackets that would fit well with the grayman aesthetic

  15. YK Sous is an Indonesian brand that already in the scene for years, they made longfit clothes before Kanye made it. It's hard to pull some of their clothes cs in Indonesia is always hot, around 30'C everyday


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