****Possible Trigger****
I inadvertently blurt out that I’m pregnant in this video. Hadn’t meant to do that, but, well, I am, so I’ve been doing stupid stuff as of late. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up as it’s not fun to be watching a video on something totally unrelated and be blindsided if it’s a sensitive subject for you.

That’s out of the way! This was our first box (came in a bag actually) from Tokyo Kawaii Club, you can find them here.

I have to say, I’m really happy with everything. I know this likely won’t happen with every box as that’s the chance you take with blind bag type subscriptions. However, I suspect I’ll like most months. I think I just really found the right company for me. I bought the bigger Magic Mailer and highly recommend it. FYI, I bought this with my own money and was not paid for this video!

I do have a few videos I still need to film. Having been sooooo sick I’m really behind. It’s also why my filming “style” has been extra horrible as of late. I am working hard to basically get all the junk out of my house, finish my craft room, and just overall streamline before the baby comes. Partly cause I just want to, and also because I know it’ll make doing my videos just so much easier and hopefully the end result will be better for the viewer too!

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