A huge thank you to everyone who comes along to my streams! We have had so much fun this year and built an amazing strong community!

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  1. OOOOOH SHEEITT SON ITS BEEN 1 YEAR! So sorry about all the swearing in the one mum…please don't yell at me hahahaha.
    Thank you all so much for making this year so special <3!
    Streaming has quickly become my biggest passion and I love every minute of it! Building such a tight and strong community is the most rewarding party, you guys mean everything to me.

  2. Thank you so much for your streams Sophie! They never fail to brighten my day! You've built up such a wonderful sweet and supportive community! May the memes continue for years to come!

  3. Well this was great and that is so awesome that you have found something that makes you incredibly happy and congrats on all of the current successes as well 😀

  4. I wish i could join this awsome videos. But when i go to twitch it seems i must pay to watch you. I understand you must make a living but thats the rezon i havent been their. Wish i was thogh i miss you but im glad your ok. Is their anyway to join in without paying? I dont know if their is. Love you girl!! Thank you for the vid thogh. Your so cool :3

  5. You have been amazing throughout the year, Sophie, and I hope Your twitch grows and grows and that you will continue loving it forever! 😀 I am a proud sub! 😀

  6. OMG this was so fun to watch!!! Here's to more awesome times on Twitch!!
    Well done Sophie!! You are amazing! (。◕‿‿◕。)

    BTW everyone else, if you're not following/watching PeachMilky on twitch…are you even LIVING????

  7. What a great compilation… so many cute, fun, ridiculous moments haha! I'm such a power lurker lol but I've loved watching your streams. Congrats on this milestone! <3

  8. ahhaha this was so fun watching the whole year and remembering all of these lol moments! 👏 GOOD WORK FAM

  9. Love being able to watch this and remember being at the stream for some of these moments! Love your streams and what you do for your community <3

  10. This video was really enjoyable. The clips used were really funny. Glad you are having fun streaming and doing what you love. 🙂

  11. I'm not amTwitch user but congrats on having so much fun!

    What is the game with the girl in ths maid costume? It looks cool!


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