I’ve always wanted to look like a ninja


Clothing Brands:

G-Eazy x Carnage – Guala ft. Thirty Rack
Nicotine ~ Bryson Tiller x PartyNextDoor type beat


  1. If you want a cheapish way to get this
    Denim could work but work for cargo pants, then taper them or buy tapered
    Runners for shoes
    Some good color scenes is all black
    Dark blue to black
    All grey
    Rock on y'all
    Instagram @gxd.rocmeem

  2. justifiable price?



    this isn't premium italian denim made in a handmade studio by italian professionals on high wages
    its made by slaveboys in vietnam and polymer or waxdip materials that cost nothing in comparison

  3. Wear this kind of stuff in Germany and people would think you are starting a mass shooting or suicide bombing
    Police would probably stop and control you everywhre you are. Sorry but It looks odd.

  4. cant dress like this in my city. cops will stop and frisk you. graffiti writers commonly dress like this and its pretty shady when you walk among normally dressed people.

  5. In the first 7 seconds of the video on the left side there is a guy with a coat. Does anyone know from what brand it is or where to buy it

  6. if ur getting into it just start with black skinny jeans, white long fit t and a black windbreaker and slowly progress into sicker things 😛

  7. I assume wearing this fashion is not acceptable for tropical regions right? Or is there a different alternative approach for it?


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