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  1. i loovvveee the candy shirt and the my melody bag!
    im glad you had a good experience tho, because I remember last year a lot of people were having issues with lucky bags from TOM in general

  2. You should get some slips for the Lacey/ see through things! Unique vintage has them in a ton of different colors too and some stores like modcloth make half slips so you can wear them underneath that pencil skirt!

  3. I LOVE that skirt! I'd wear it with cute fitted cotton/spandex shorts! I have a couple pairs that look like biking(?lol) shorts with lace trim that would be perfect underneath! 🙂

  4. :3 for a the white see through dress I would say a fashion leotard would definitely match with it underneath. can find some really cute strawberry themed ones from forever 21 ❤️

  5. I think the see through skirt is for layering under shorter skirts. Like a pencil skirt on top of another pencil skirt!

  6. Wear the pencil skirt with nude underwear and opaque colourful tights! You could also do a bodysuit underneath with full butt coverage lol

  7. Why dont you wear the skirt over white tights or leggings? That would solve the see-through problem and still be really cute.

  8. I'm such a huge fan of lucky boxes/packs/bags since I loveeeee suprises, I'm not into lolita ect fashion so this box wouldn't work for me, but it is so cute!

  9. I love swankiss but I don`t know… those pieces seem a little cheap for me… like if they're old, don`t fit well and the fabric is bad quality. You made a good job coordinating them though

  10. swankiss lucky pack – see through skirt ideas
    as soon as I saw it, I though you should wear like really bright colored tights underneath, maybe a fruit print top? It seems to be very tropical or go monochrome, wear another shade of purple tights with it and purple everything else as well. Think gummi bears too. My "expert" eye roll fashion advice. XD

  11. I want that white see-through white lace dress!! a nice black lacy bra with some cool cut up leggings would look soo cool!!

  12. Judging by the cut and shape of the skirt along with the waistband and the tiny slit at the bottom, I'm pretty certain it's a slip.

  13. Lots of comments on wearing tight like shorts with the skirt, & I agree.
    That is an awesome summer piece.
    My suggestion would be to wear some fat platforms with it.
    Maybe a form fitting T shirt/crop top, maybe some cute socks, & a beret. I think whatever you come up with will look hella fantastic.
    I also have a small obsession with platforms so my answer to almost everything is "put platforms with it!" Evening outfit,movies, shopping, petting a cat.
    All platform worthy activities.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the piece!

  14. Here’s an idea for both the blue shirt and the purple skirt. Have you tried wearing the two together? I feel like the colors would pop once you find something to go under the skirt.

  15. On the pencil skirt, you can put a firm fitting black or white skirt or maybe a really opaque dress slip.


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