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About Me: I’m Kyle Le and I used to live, travel, and eat in Vietnam and many Asian countries. I’m passionate about making videos and sharing my experiences and introducing people to the world. I’ve traveled everywhere in Vietnam, from Hanoi to Saigon – Far North, Central Highlands, Islands, and Deep Mekong Delta – I’ve visited there. In addition to 15+ countries from Indonesia to Thailand to Singapore, you’ll find all of my food, tourist attractions, and daily life experiences discovering my roots in the motherland on this amazing journey right on this channel. So be sure to subscribe- for more videos and connect with me on social media below so you don’t miss any adventures.
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Follow: Instagram and Snapchat @KyleLeDotNet

Original Music by Antti Luode.
Filmed with a Panasonic G7 14-140mm. 15mm
Audio from a Rode Micro / Rode Link
Dji Spark


  1. Belarus people like communist people are lot better western capitalism shit countries n superpower people, lot nicer n friendlier n polite. Anthon so cute n handsome n sexy too, hihihih. What he laughed so hard about though?

  2. Well done, your videos keep maturing and continue to be engaging – much better than what you find on cable TV or network television. Keep at it!

  3. Can't wait for next videos in Belarus. Love all your OUTSIDE OF VIETNAM videos. Really interesting to see Vietnamese around the world.

  4. My niece's son married a girl from Belarus. I met her a while back. I know she speaks Russian. They were once part of the old Soviet Union. They were both stationed in Okinawa in the air force. Probably a low population there. The area looks empty. Nobody wants to have kids I guess. Tallest building is 12 stories and I live in a 14 stories building. They probably play football for fun there what we call soccer here.

  5. Belarus? Yes it will very very original content. Does the Vietnamese diaspora there have celebrity status? Seems like just walking around you and your friends were getting a lot of attention. Looking forward to your take on Belarus.

  6. I like hearing different vietnamese accents around the world. I think belarusian vietnamese has the best accent so far, he sound like the vietnamese terminator.

  7. I don't know why but I have a very chill and welcoming vibe from these guys. It's always interesting to see Vietnamese in the poorer/less known area of the world like here and Africa for example.

  8. this will be quite interesting! im german vietnamese and i don't know much about eastern europe, so im excited to see life from their perspective

  9. Sup Kyle just wondering if you're interested in doing a story on trucking. I watch a lot of your videos and enjoyed them dearly. Hit me up when you get back to San Diego.

  10. I leaved Belarus 1 month ago. I started watching your vids when i was studying in Belarus (in Minsk) and sometimes i was thinking about your travelling to Belarus. And now it comes true )). What's amazing!


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