In today’s video, we’re breaking the mold and styling the clothes of my fashion nightmares. These are the clothing trends that I don’t just HATE, but DESPISE. And no, these aren’t the only ones. This is just what I had time for/could put together for this video.

If you’re a subbie, I am no longer Salad Daze, I am now jujudaze. This name just felt more unique to me and my brand (and I was also sick of being associated w/Mac DeMarco even though he is bae). It’s ok though, let’s consider this a new chapter because that salad girl was flaky anyways.

These past few months I’ve just been focusing on school, work, my mental health, and redirecting this channel into something I am proud of. I hated my last two videos and am considering privating them, but for now they’ll stay up. I have been dealing with some pretty serious depression these last few months for those who don’t know, and getting help for that has made me so much more excited about doing stuff on this channel! I didn’t expect to be gone for so long, but I wanted to make sure that when I came back, I was back for good. Tune in next week for more content. I freaking LOVE YOU if you seriously came in and read all of that.


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  1. I'M BACK GUYS!! It's been a while, but here we are. Come back next Friday for a new video and check out my description box if you wanna know why I've been away. I missed you guys, but it feels so good to be coming back like this!


  3. I think I only have low rise jeans apart from one high waisted skinny ones because I prefer those boyfriend fit jeans and they're usually pretty lowrise but apart from those I just never even pay attention to how high my jeans go lol, I literally never even think about that. I hate shoulder pads but I have such skinny and small shoulders that I honestly wouldn't mind if more shirts had at least some padding in the shoulder-area but nowadays it seems like the opposite of that is in, like jeans jackets nowadays for example are very flat and baggy which looks good on some people but for me it just makes it look like I actually do not even have any shoulders.

  4. I love outfit no.2 (minus the shoes…). I imagined it with some nice pair of classy looking mules and crossover bag.

  5. Something important that A LOT of people don't see when trends come along is that THEY'RE NOT FOR EVERYONE. Trends come in certain colors and shapes that may not flatter some people yet they force it on themselves because it's on trend.

  6. omgggg your body is so prettyyyy. not trying to be creepy, just like, you go girl! loved the video, subscribed for sure

  7. You're fat and frumpy so everything looks bad on you.. Low rise jeans are not my style but on a slim girl with a good body low rise jeans lookamazing.

  8. I love this! You're so insightful and knowledgeable about fashion. I could watch you talk about fashion all day.

  9. I FUCKING CAN'T STAND LOW RISE JEANS THINKING ABOUT THEM MAKES ME MAD they are the most uncomfortable thing ever

  10. I'm sorry I can't tell if this is joking or not. Are the looks sarcastic? I don't get this weird high fashion stuff

  11. Even though I think you styled it well, I had the hardest cringe over that first outfit because it reminds me of something I would have tried to wear in elementary school, minus the top being tucked in.

  12. Low rise jeans make nearly everyone look like a hella muffin top. Even if you have a perfect stomach, they make your torso look stupid long.

  13. Low rise jeans have this unpleasant habit of pushing up whatever fat is on your belly. They really are unflattering for most people. But what's really puzzling me is how people can wear them in winter. My kidneys are always the first body part that's freezing…

  14. Please do more fashion videos! I loved what you did with this video idea, look number 2 looked amazing 💓

  15. I don't think I'll ever like low rise jeans or that first outfit with them, but the last two look REALLY good 🙂


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