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👋Hey everyone! It’s me, Whitney! I’m an American girl who makes YouTube videos while living in Korea!

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  1. Hey guys! Just a reminder, a majority of the people featured in this video are in high school or younger, so please keep the keep comments clean! 🙂

    Check out my other fashion week videos if you haven't already! Lots of people in this video make appearances, but in different styles! 🙂

    •Korean Students Who SLAYED at Seoul Fashion Week! 18S: https://youtu.be/Z-t-v9d1aUM
    •What Korean Students Wore to Seoul Fashion Week! 17FW: https://youtu.be/VptREZfa5wQ

  2. Wow I just love korea fashion week . They never disappoint everyone looked amazing 😍😍😍. And i love the guy who whitney said they have great visual the one on the right 😍😍😍 so handsome

  3. I frickin love how people in Korea wear those clothes like it’s a normal thing for them and they are so confident in it too they slaayy ❤️ If you wear those type of clothes in the Netherland they all will look at you with an weird face or you get all eyes on you. I wish I had those clothes and confident enough to wear 🙁

  4. What was the food u were eating…seemed very deliciouuus😋😋and the people are ssooooo fashionableee…loved it…thank youuuu

  5. Whitney, you have the abso-PERFECT personality for vlogging…it's so bubbly, energetic, engaging and FUN! Strangely, I'm waaaaay too shy to talk to strangers the way you do. I'm in awe….

    …and, btw, the fashions were sooo "Beyond!" I REALLY need to step up my fashion game! *gasp!* (Your 'fit was really cute, too!) Thanks for sharing!!!! 'Byeee!


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