Growing Sexy Lashes using Blinq Eye Lash Serum

Is my eyelash serum lifting my Hooded Eyelids –

Blinq Lash Serum was sent to me free for review and I started using it on Feb 14 2018 – BLinq is a generic Latisse type product called which was sent to me free for review from
One bottle lasts me about 2 months. I love it! I am not being paid for nor am I selling this product. Blinq – US distributor –

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Curious about My Retin-A Journey:
I am not a doctor, not a skin care professional but just a woman in her sixties exploring and sharing what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Please DO Your Own Research before starting on any skin care regiment. My dermatologists has given me a prescription for Retin-a and I am screened yearly.
Retin- A Before and After –

My Eyelash Growth Journey using Careprost – Bimataprost –

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  1. Congratulations to the winner😊 I wish it wasnt difficult to make an order sounds like intersting product do you think they accept pre paid visa?

  2. Congrats to the winner and thank you for your videos … I am going to give the product a try….I can tell the Retin A has helped my eyes … in one week it’s my 2 years on it. Best thing I did for my face.. I used it once years ago but if not for youtubers I would not have gone to Dr and asked to try again. So thanks to you as well.
    Sorry the powers that be over YouTube had to show themselves over something so innocent and truthful. When you can mistype and find something so much worse than the V word!
    Keep up the great videos. 💕

  3. Good morning, Monika. Before I commented I checked my Careprost before and after photos, just to see if my hoods were lifted more, but they weren't. Over night 4 of my old videos became "unmonitized " go figure. Congratulations Rose!!! Many blessings..MaryEllen

  4. What I chuckle I had when I saw the winner's name…just too funny! Your lashes do look great. I think I may need to try this one…Have a great day, Carol

  5. Hi Monika! Wow, I'm so thrilled I won! I can't wait to try the Blinq! Thanks so much. I contacted you through your PM on here & also your FB. Thanks again. Rose xx <3

  6. I need something that would make my lashes darker and longer for sure-and if it helps with the hood even better. Have a great weekend! xxoo

  7. Big congrats to sweet thang!😁 Rose, Wow it lifts hoods too, loving the sound of that! Happy weekend Monika xo😘😘

  8. Ok, now that this Blinq giveaway is over, can you please put this product to rest? It’s enough already with this same item and about what it’s done for you. Thank you.

  9. Hi Monika, congratulations to your winner. You look so pretty in blue! Hope that you are having a great week. xo Cathy

  10. Congratulations Sweet Thang aka Rose. Monika did you know that they are selling Sweet Spot at Ulta? Anyway your eyelashes and hoods are looking great. You can tell a huge difference between the before and after photos. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs my friend.

  11. Monika, thanks so much for the giveaway and all your insights and updates! Congratulations, Rose. Enjoy! Hugs 🤗

  12. Hey Monika! Sounds like you’ve gotten great results with the lash growth serums! Congratulations to your winner!😃

  13. Hi Monika, just tried to order Blinq and am very disappointed with their ordering system. Maybe I am missing something….but why can't they just do what everyone else does and why do they need to charge $11.95 for shipping? Sorry to complain and I know its not your fault but they really need to be more user friendlyl Why do they need to send me an email so I can orderl Why can't i just give them my credit card like most people accept on the internet. This may be the perfect product for me but I am really annoyed and I hope they are reading this! Wake up Blinq!– my eyelashes and brows may need you ..but you make it too hard!

  14. I just picked up some careprost but, of course, it didn't come with instructions for use on eyelashes. So, I'm at a loss how to use it. How many times a day do you put it on your eyelashes? And for how long? You said in a recent video that you were on maintenance. What is that? Would really appreciate your help for a newbie! Thanks so much! Love your regular videos. Not much into vlogging…

  15. Hi Monika! I've been away on a little vacay. I love you and your pretty eyelashes. Sending a big hug to you. Congratulations Rose!

  16. Oh darn I didn't even know, I would have entered. I've lost most of my lashes from chemo. I would have been so happy to have won.


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