1. Yay! Ashley and Andrea, it is wonderful to see all this new content with Sewspire! Thank you, Andrea and Ashley. Loving all of it! ( P. S. my youngest is also an Ashley)

  2. Watching video after live chat. Loved it BUT the video would stop about every 5 seconds then start up where it left off, stop, start, stop, start. Like it was cycling over and over. Any suggestions as to why? Nice job ladies!

  3. Hi! Sorry I am late to the party! Looked great, sounded great! Due to my work schedule I will likely miss most of the live feeds. I'll do my best to check in after though.

  4. Hi Andrea and Ashley! Sorry i missed your livestream, but here now and I loved it! You girls are awesome! xo

  5. My time zone is 3 hours behind you. . . (10 your time is 7 my time). I'll probably watch much later in the day.

  6. Missed the live but really enjoyed the video, you are both doing a great job. Looking forward to the upcoming projects. Congratulations Ashley on all your achievements, thanks for all you both do to bring all this together, happy sewing 😀.

  7. Hi From SF bay area, California. Watching the rerun. I had to work late last night. Would you consider doing a video on a full size apron with pockets? or is it out of your zone?

  8. I am interested in the fourth seam thing with Andrea helping me with my etsy shop which I started late last year. I let most everything expire but want to revamp it up some with Andrea's guidance. I am a little confused though with the "read" portion for only $9.99 versus what I would get if I invest more money for the $99.99. Would you be willing to explain it more on your early Tuesday morning blog? I plan on watching it. It is at 7 am PST which will work out perfect with my job at the county. Please let me know if you know what I am asking. I just don't understand what is meant by "read" only for $9.99?

  9. I missed the live show but I, too, noticed the echoing. It got a lot better when you used the microphone. Your recorded video did show drop outs which probably means it is On your end. When Ashley speaks she is difficult to hear and may need her own mic. Other than that, things are moving forward for you and us! Regarding the bag size, I love both. I am sure once you give sizes for one we can easily figure out to make smaller or larger. I do love bags with multiple sizing abilities. Everyday I would use the smaller size and overnight/weekend trips I would use the larger one. 💕😘👍🏻


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