Want to how the Seoul Fashion Week attendees dress? Interested in Korean fashion? Click to watch #SFW street style! Thanks to Mutzine!

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All thanks to Mutzine, I got to attend SFW this past season! I know #KoreanFashion is super awesome and wanted to share with you how the scene is outside the venue! Enjoy the video!

Models Shown:
✿ Shin Jae Hyuk
✿ Yoon So Jeong
✿ Han Hyeok Min
✿ Han Seung Soo
✿ Kwon Hyukbin
✿ Sin Hey Nam

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  1. You only get a glimpse, but Jung HoYeon wearing that yellow long sleeved top with denim overall dress and the old school J.Lo-esque hoops @0:28 is probably my fave outfit. And then the jacket @3:23 is ??????. Great coverage! I really like how you categorized the video into different trends/colors.
    BTW I just PMed you! The most coincidental thing just happened!

  2. awwww soo jelly n_n!! some day just some day I wish I can join Seoul Fashion Week hahaha LITERALLY had to watch this video a dozen times cuz I did not know which one I like the best hahaha soooo here are my favs 2:51 (love her dress and hat) 3:00 (oh snap! just look at that contouring ?, completely love his hat and jacket) 3:09 (awww his whole outfit is just so NICE 🙂 love the bomber jacket) ohhh can't wait!! for your next Seoul Fashion Week video ?


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