Hey! 🙂 I hope you will like this Faceup Stories! It is episode 60 of the series so it is super special! Enjoy!

See the full process of making the wig, wings and shoes up on Patreon

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Special thanks to Destiny from HautePlastic on Etsy for creating this stunning outfit 🙂


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  1. God of beauty, wow im amazed… i love doing doll diys without trying to watch videos and making clothes but repainting i have to watch a lot of videos but this video… this inspired me… keep up the amazing work 💖💖💖

  2. Omg this was uploaded on my birthday and Madoka Magica is one of my favorites dear god O(≧∇≦)O anyways I enjoy your videos, something I can never have the patience to do!

  3. Is there any were I can buy these dolls or are they customs – sorry if that was mean to ask 😁😁😁😁 love ur work btw

  4. Hello Andreja , i have seen all your faceup video , so for the first time i try to do faceup, i have some problems like the watercolor pencils show up in the BJD face with poor quality ,its not pigmented and not set in the skin, it also happen with the soft pastels, i dont know why ( i did sealant BJD face with MSC for 3 times before i add color to her face) reply me please, sorry for my bad English

  5. i was gonna unsubscribe (not because i didn't like her, just because i didn't really watch her much) but when i saw that she made MADOKA from one of my favourite anime's (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) I was soooo exited!! ( and i didnt unsubscribe!! )

  6. Hi! You could look into ”pico” projectors, these are mini projectors that you can connect to a tablet or computer and project your images onto anything. I'm a baker and we use them for tracing images onto cakes and cookies! I don't know how they would work for 3D objects, but your wish is not too far from reality ☺️

  7. Idk if you want but it whould be interesting to see you make a devil homura for madoka but that's up to you and I like both devil homura and goddess madoka

  8. You can draw the eyes digital and print it on a special paper for temporary tattoos. Then added the eyes on the doll, MSC after that and…YAY finished 😀

  9. A trick I use for getting eyes even is drawing each step together, like draw the top lid of one eye then do the same on the other, make sure they match, then repeat with bottom lid and the initial iris sketch-in. Just the basics, but it's easier to match them up if you're copying a few relatively simple lines rather than the whole eye. I'll also put a dot on the eyebrow line for where I want the precise middle of the eye to be, and sometimes one in the middle of where I want to bottom lash line. It's like a very simplified version of doing the lines and circles etc of portraits. ^v^


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