Adorama Photography TV presents Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. Communicating with your model or subject is key to getting the shots you want.

In this episode, Mark gives you five tips for helping the model hit the right poses. The best way to get the right poses, however, is to hire a professional model!

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  1. Err, no you don't. I joined quite easily as a photographer. All my photos at the time of joining (not very long ago) were all the same girl in the same place. Anyone can sign up.

  2. Notice the model comes into frame and instantly goes into a flattering pose. Ah, the beauty of having people that know what they're doing on set.

  3. what is so hard about that, they aren't fussy about the pictures, you can just show them snap shots of girls at a shopping mall and they will except you, as long as in your about me section, you talk about wanting to network with models and photographers, and how you hope model mayhem will open doors for you in the industry, and bang you are in, no problem,then you can work with all the flaky no show models that you want,and once in a while find a good one that can actually pose, haha good luck

  4. Oh thanks I guess I look at their guidelines too much. But right now I can't find any model without the site. But I'll give it a try. Thanks for the info.

  5. It's incredible how valuable the information Mark shares with us really is.

    Thanks, Mark for being so awesome and giving of your time.

    It is appreciated.

    This was a great and down-to-earth episode that hits home with a lot of us photographers, beginning and pros.

    Mark is so good at connecting with us viewers. He knows what it's like to be on the other end of the screen watching his videos.

    I feel his actually knows me.

  6. Maybe Adorama could get the model (Leshaun ?) to now give us 5 tips on what a model like her would expect from the photographer … the reverse side of the camera.

  7. Great video, great tips. During the video, you shot in front of a mirror. Would LOVE to duplicate that rig. Is there a parts list / tutorial vid for that?

  8. Nice! I do #4 all the time. I never thought about the idea that it was helping them relax. That's funny because I always tell newer models that being relaxed is the key. Thanks for the insight!

  9. But what if your model is actually a client, and not an actual model? They have no idea what they're doing, and no obligation to know how to do so.

  10. Thank you for making this video! You are correct, professional models should know how to pose for the most part, but I think many of us (myself included) need tips to effectively pose people with no photographic or modeling backgrounds because we do portraits, weddings, senior photos, etc. with average people. These tips definitely help those scenarios (besides #5 of course). I like using the awkward "#4 show the pose" tip. It's one of the clearest ways to communicate and calms the subject.

  11. Afternoon! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My friend Lidsay made some very amazing photos with their video lessons.

  12. You know what makes you a good teacher, Mark? Your humility. There are "teachers" out there who would rather give false or wrong info than admit their knowledge has limits. Thank you!

  13. I wish I wouldn't have to pay for Jerry Ghionis's explanation on how he poses… Oh, well. At least I have this!

  14. I actually disagree with Mark on a model "knowing how to pose". They may know how to make poses that are great, but I imagine that most don't know much about posing for the lighting so that there are no ugly shadows on them and the light hits them correctly. I think that you really do have to help pose your model for the particular lighting they are in.

  15. Directing a model to look one way or another so the light hits them right is fair, and can be done without touching.

  16. Yeah. I wasn't talking about touching the model at all. You just need to learn how to give the right directions to them.

  17. the photographer i work with is verry good he verry good at comunicating
    and verry easy to work with i have worked with him for 15 years he took the photos at our school for years he has a good sense of humor witch helps

    we got perfect photos every time even though im not a model


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