Last Sunday Gabrielle and I played 1920s and 1930s Vintage Dress up to attend a Lecture by the Art Deco Society of California. This is an particularly charming video because in addition to showing you a plus size vintage fashion dress up and try on “haul” with Gabrielle, but I also managed to get interviews with many Art Deco Society members! I loved meeting new people and getting little interviews with them. My apologies for the slight audio issues during a few of the interviews, my finger was covering the mic! I’d love to make more videos like this, so please rate, comment & share if you enjoy it and found it charming!


I N S T A G R A M ‣
T W I T T E R ‣
S N A P C H A T ‣
F A C E B O O K ‣

Gabrielle’s Outfit:
My Pants:
My Top:

Art Deco Society of California
Decades of Fashion
Fabulous Flappers


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1920s Flapper Makeup

Tacky Suburbia Edward Scissorhands Makeup Tutorial

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  1. #bestfriendgoals! You are both so cute! This was an awesome video idea. I may have actually gasp out loud when you were showing the details on the outfits of the other attendees at the end. You two and everyone looked absolutely incredible ❤

  2. This was such a cool video, Cora! I really enjoyed the mini interviews with guests at the event. It was fun to see everyone's personal style and hear their opinions. The guys all looked so dapper, and the ladies so sophisticated and beautiful. The woman who mentioned owning Decades was so adorable! I loved her style and gloves. And I really liked the dress one lady was wearing that was navy, red and cream colored (I believe), and she had on red heart earrings. The attention to detail is really quite phenomenal! 😘❤️ I loved the outfits you and Gabrielle chose. So flattering and gorgeous! 😍😍

  3. This could NOT come at a better time! My bestie and I are both plus-size, & we're beginning to plan for a 1920's mermaid themed party happening in July! It seems like NO one makes cute 1920's stuff to fit folks like us, so we've been strrrruggling to find fancy gala/ball appropriate garments.. So this is PERFECT! And since costumes are welcome at this event, I'd love to see your costume stuff too! (ESPECIALLY if it has a mermaidy vibe!! XD) Thanks so much for this, Cora! 💝💝

  4. I love 1920s and 1930s/Art Deco fashion! That’s why I love incorporating 1920s beads and other vintage or vintage inspired elements in my handmade jewelry <3 I’m so glad you both did this video!

  5. This is so awesome! It must be so fun to share great clothes with your bff–like little girls playing dress-up. I love vintage fashion!

  6. This may well be one of my favorites of your videos Cora, and thats saying a lot. I love the clothes, the interview style, and the glimpse into the world of vintage. For a city girl stuck out in the boonies of a tiny town, it feeds my city girl soul to see whats going on. Thank you. You both looked fabulous in your outfits and I want that beaded dress so much!


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