Plus size pretty – stretchy summer Zara dress – Korean model. OMG love Zara! Even though I’m a size 16, I can fit into a lot of their stretchy summer dresses. This one has red, navy and white stripes. So comfy!

Coversong: Vissi d’arte by Giacomo Puccini
Singer: Jennylyn Chung
Pianist: Toni Helms

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  1. Proverb 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life ". Your time has come to "this joy I have the world didn't give it to me and the world can't take it away." I hope the scripture and word s from a song will keep you encouraged.

  2. Por que se usa a expressão PLUS SIZE para se referir a pessoas GORDAS, OBESAS ? A palavra EM INGLÊS (a língua falada no Brasil é português) não modifica o que elas são! Why do we use the words PLUS SIZE to refer to FAT, CHUBBY women? The word will NOT change what they are!


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