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New Chic:


-LED Lamp Machine Manicure:

-Metallic Mirror Effect Polish :

– Eye Shadow Palette Neutral Nude Cosmetic Portable:

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-Rainbow Skirt:

-Black dress:

-Black skirt:



-Moon Top:

-Rainbow Dress:

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-Instagram: @JuliaZelg


-Twitter: @JuliaZelg


-Business Enquires:

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  1. Fifth like! Hi Julia, I love your channel, and I always find new things to buy from your favorites vids lol

  2. I love your alpaga it's so kawai and I love all your clothe and awesome video you are gorgeous 💕 stay safe and happy

  3. Awh love the "stay weird' tee!! I've probably said before but your wall is soo prettyy ^.^ ✨ Luna the rainbow Alpaca 🌙 hahaha so cute I've wanted one for ages too XD

  4. So many cute stuff this month! 😀 My favourite items were the black suspender skirt, the rainbow alpaca, and the unicorn fairy lights, where did you got them?

  5. "depending on your lifestyle it can be a bit dangerous to have long nails" hahahaha XD they look super cute though! I LOVE the fairy lights!!

  6. So cute! I love the rainbow dress and rainbow alpaca! I still don't have a rainbow alpaca but I can't buy anymore else there wont be any room for me in my own bed!!

  7. I love this kind of videos ! 🙂 And your clothes and accessories are so creepy and cute ! ^^

  8. I have the same eyeshadow palette yaay😂💕 love the unicorn fairylights🦄🦄 the alpaca is so cute, it's our new mascot yaaay❣

  9. I loved soooo much this black dress and this black skirt that I got both for me too <3 yaaaay haha I'm like you, 95% wearing black and 5% wearing a bit of red, grey or white! >_<'

  10. Can you please do a reacting to before you exit video. Nobody else has one and they are a really amazing band. Please please 💜💜💜

  11. I have the alpaca! I love your videos, btw. Could you post a haul/review for Kawaii and Pastel Goth items from the Wish app?

  12. Hey, I love your videos 😍 can I ask you something? Is it true that I can add conditioner to my blue permanent hairdiy in order to make it lighter?💙


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