my morning routine
come check out my kawaii morning routine everything i have to do to get up in morning and get ready as a kawaii youtuber

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  1. I think cheap makeup works just as well. I rather spend money on books then makeup haha XD . I like that you show everyone how amazing looks you can do with cheap makeup. Love your style so much! 🙂

  2. The colours for the eyes are really REALLY pretty! I love the routine videos there so much fun 🌈🌟 honestly half my makeup is drug store cause I'm super cheap 😂 I'd rather spend money on traveling or shoes hehe

  3. i love your cat ears, they are the cutest!! lol i always do that too i cant stop with just simple lol 😛 i just found your channel you i subbed you! #215 🙂 you seem so sweet and down to earth so i had to sub you hahah! I have a channel too if you wanna check it out and maybe we could support each other! 🙂 x


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