My First Speech At Convention! Being A Guest At Anime/Comic Convention Ep4! Tigercon 2018

Costumes that I wore in this video:

Dia Kurosawa Maple Leafs Costume:
Love Live ! Maple Leafs Shoes:
Sweet Lolita Shoes:

Costumes were gifted to me by

My unique SuperCute fashion style that is inspired by J-fashion, K-fashion and traditional Chinese clothes hanfu.
I make DIY crafting, cloths transformations, costuming, hauls, hacks, vlog videos and more.

About me:
Chinese call me yùmǐ (玉米) in Chinese pronunciation.
Non-Chinese call me yumi in Japanese pronunciation.
I was born and raised in China.
I migrated to the US with my parents several years ago.
I graduated from University of Washington.
Now, I’m married and living in the US.

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  1. Awwww! You did good Yumi🤗 the outfit was adorable! Everyone looks like they had a lot of fun and it looks like a cool event.

  2. Wow its nice to see you to be so confident speaking in public and your husband is there to support you throughout the whole journey.😍 😃👏👍

  3. Hi yummy mam you are so cute and your husband so handsome.
    But my one question other cloth try but you are not try Indian cloth mam you wear Indian lahanga you are so so so so cute plz plz mam

  4. Not going to lie at first I felt unsure about her boyfriend (not that it's any of my business about their relationship just statement my opinion, but after seeing him more and more and his personality and seeing how him and yumi are together I adore him and am obsessed with them both!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Have a long happy marriage you two~ <3 <3 <3

  5. Congratulations Yumi !~°"*(^u^*) 🌸This is my first comment on your channel ,so i just want to say thank you.I am learned and loved sewing because of your videos.Nowadays i am watching your food channel videos and i am learning your cultural food recipes from you 🙂 i think you are so pure , sincere and honest. When your smiling everything is positive then i am positive too. I dont know why but i love you so much and i want to say thank you too your husband . You are taking care and love your lovely wife, how wonderful ! I am wishing best lucks for you guys !! 💗💖💞

  6. U did great 玉米姐姐 Thanks for sharing. 尔的cosplay outfit is very cute😮((U did great on ur speech))

    And it's so cool that ur have a supportive husband.

  7. Is was awesome meeting you, getting be in your video, and tasting your cooking. XD!! I hope you this again. You're awesome with lots of love the girl red and gray jacket.

  8. You are a very beautiful creative passionate person 😁 which makes you very enjoyable to watch!!💕 your awesome 💗💜💛💚😊💕


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