Lolita fashion check up! Talking about my positive experiences in my first 6 months wear Japanese Lolita fashion. In this 1st part I go into my overwhelmingly positive experiences that have made these last 6 months unforgettable.

This is part of a 3 episode series as to document my journey going from having a long time interest in J Fashion to actually making the plunge. I wanted to start this out on a positive note hence this happy first episode. Next time, I’m going to talk about some negative things that I’ve experienced. The final part is going to be some things that I’ve learned from my 1st 6 months in lolita fashion. Thanks so much for being here with me through it all. Love you popstars!

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  1. This was such a cute video!!! I think it's cool to see your reflection since you've just recently got into wearing the fashion! I feel like I get a mixture of really kind responses to my outfits and really weird/rude responses. I just get a lot of weird stares and find that people are generally judgy on me since I'm a teen so they think I'm gonna be an ass or something which is weird?? But the positive def outweighs the negative for me :')

  2. I'm so glad you've had such a good experience with the community! I've just started getting int the fashion and so far it's been lovely and everyone is so sweet! I actually went out in Lolita today and the sweetest little girl came up to me said "you're pretty, someday I want to be as pretty as you" and I almost cried 😂👏🌈💖


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