During this live stream, you have the opportunity to create a new coordinate with me with my first ever Lolita skirt. I will listen to your input and make you vote to see what I will pick for this coord. My first coordinate was 10 years ago with this Birdcage skirt. It’s an Angelic Pretty replica from Bodyline.

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  1. Cette perruque blonde te va super bien, elle te met en valeur :>
    Très joli "update" de la coord, dommage qu'il n'y ait pas eu plus de réponses de la part du chat !

  2. It would have been cool to participate, but you made the same choices I would have made so it's all good!

    Can't wait to see the outfit on you. ^^

  3. This coord is sooooo freakin cute! It gives me a real winter beauty and the beast vibe in like the best way 💖😊 very very KAWAII


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