I know this is a long Q&A, but I think you guys will really enjoy it! Grab your shaah, coffee, tea, and chill with me~!❤️

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◇Intro: Crush – Crush on You
◇Outro: Kehlani – You Should Be Here


  1. Noooo I wanted to be first😭😭😭😭😭😭hiiiiii…, I love u…, I am your biggest fan, and I hope u reach all your goals for this year, the QandA was great also the vlog

  2. I'm thinking about going to Korea in the future In'Sha'Allah. And to be honest I'm nervous since I'm Muslim so I don't know how people would react :/ But thank you so much for being the voice in Korea that represents Islam <3

  3. I just wanna say this real quick; I seriously appreciate your videos so much because when I’m older I really want to teach abroad in other countries, preferably more Muslim friendly like Malaysia. Your videos give such a valuable insight into what it’s like. I really can’t thank you enough for doing this, taking the time out of your day to make entertaining videos as well as informative ones too. I’ve seen you on other channels like Heechul’s and Halal guys and I’m so glad you’re the voice that represents Brown Muslim women in those moments. You’re so well spoken and intelligent and I absolutely admire that about you. Thank you so much. I think I can speak for most people when I say that we appreciate you so so much. Love you Iman!! 💛💛

  4. I'm glad you didn't go to an Arab country to teach because they do really discriminate against us Somalis for some reason.

  5. How did 40mins pass by like that?! XD
    You said so much but for some reason the one thing that stood out to me was
    "I'M NOT A HUGE FAN OF ITAEWON AT ALL" – I feel the same way! HAHA

    – I'm NON-STOP XD Get cha ^^

  6. I love your videos and I was so excited when I bumped into you near 서울대입구역. Too bad I couldn’t take pictures with you or talk with you.

  7. Hi!~ Iman!❤
    You should really read "Reclaim your heart" this book is amazing and you learn alot about life!! I usually read it when I'm feeling down or having hard time and it really helps me go through it🙏🏾❤

  8. Hi Iman~ I’m also a muslim in korea for almost 3 years, I can relate when it comes to Ramadan ㅜㅜ I feel so depressed. And talking about hijab humm actually I become so sensitive when people stare and keep looking. Another thing is CLOTHES I cant find my size or my style unless if I go to H&M or Zara. I Hope we can meet one day ^^

  9. A good Q&A video to start my day with.
    As a somali passport holder do i suppose to have a visa if i want to stay in Korea for one month ?

    i like your videos Thank you unni and fighting 🙂

  10. that urban decay story was hilarious. i love hearing these sort of stories. i thought i am the only person disliking itaewon area.i am glad i am not. i enjoy your videos.

  11. I honestly feel like you're my friend or my good neighbor when I watch your vlogs specially when you sit and talk with us like that. Thank you for this long vlog YAY. I reeeeeally hope that you get to work in your field in the future, I guess till then you can keep trying to perfect your Korean since it might be a major requirement (I feel like I'm your student advisor now lol). That bit where you talked about being grateful was so so so what I needed to hear, I feel like you say it and believe it and that you admit that it's hard sometimes but still I can feel that you are genuinely grateful.

  12. lol @ the urban decay story … similar thing happened to me and a friend in Paris. We walked right into Uniqlo's Paris HQ thinking it was a store. Thank goodness we caught our mistake before security did 😂

  13. I feel what u mean about Ramadan . It’s the same for me in Denmark. It’s soo hard to be Muslim here. Especially when people asks stupid questions all the time . Although I have explained it to them 1000 before .

  14. "This isn't spitting. This is like they're bringing up their lungs, their past mistakes…their debt."

    LOOOL that line has me dead 😂😂

  15. You are toooo much❤
    With all those bad things happening arround me and my bad realtionship to Allah and to everybody….in you….I see hope for humanity and Islam again😢❤Thank you so much
    You will never know how it feels to watch your videos…your smile and your inspirational speaking😢It's fascinating❤
    However there's another book I can recommend to everybody which is sadly losing it's value in today's society


    The Holy Qura'an /القرءان الكريم

  16. You're like a role model for muslim girls, thank you for creating this channel. Unfortunately, I do have many aspirations and goals/dreams but my parents never seem to understand. I'm 21 now and for them it's time for me to get married but I don't feel so. 😢😢Any advice or how did you make it for your parents to agree with you??

  17. My dad first thought I was crazy for wanting to go to Japan to teach English.. But ever since I visited Tokyo for a week in Nov 2017, he's been supportive of the idea of me moving to Japan. Inshallah in 2019!!!

  18. I have become your fan! T.T
    You are just so amazing and the information you give out is just so helpful for people who are looking forward to go to Korea! <3
    Loads of love.

  19. Oh girl, you went to the headquarters of the L'Oréal group (urban decay is a L'Oréal brand), that's so funny I can't 😂😂


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