Leaving the wonderfully relaxing island of Koh Lanta, I head to Krabi Town, Thailand to spend the night before an early flight tomorrow. To get off the island, I’ve got to first take a tuk-tuk (small cart attached to a motorbike, aka a local taxi) to my previous hostel to search for a swimsuit I left there.

Thankfully, the swimsuit is right where I left it. After a brief friendly chat with Jojo (the bungalow owner and chillest man I’ve ever met), I take the van from Koh Lanta to Krabi. Going from Koh Lanta to Krabi Town by van, it is a very squished–thought, thankfully, air conditioned–ride through the countryside and on the ferry.

After finally reaching Krabi, I settled in my hostel, set up a taxi to pick me up at 6am the next morning, and went out for food. I had a delicious plate of heart-shaped fried rice before venturing through the street food stalls in the Krabi Town Night Market.

The Krabi Town Night Market was much bigger than I expected. And it had any food you could think of–and many you could never–available to you. Cake, smoothies, spring rolls, curry, fried chicken wings, ice cream, marshmallows, donuts, crepes, fresh fruit, and more. If you can’t find any food to eat at the Krabi Town Night Market, then you must not be hungry.

I was amazed by the variety offered at the Krabi Town Night Market. It was interesting seeing children helping older family members serve curry and chop fruit. I wanted to buy something from every food stall just to thank the families for being there.

Street food is much more popular in Thailand than traditional restaurants. At first, I didn’t trust all the food carts, remembering the warnings I heard as a child about the hot dog carts in Manhattan. But here, street food and food stalls at night markets are the primary way of eating.

After leaving the Krabi Town Night Market, I walked a couple blocks over to the Krabi river where I watched the sun go down while eating a huge chunk of fresh watermelon.

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