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  1. Bro all you do is speak facts and I love it. I look up to you so much and all the advise you give is so helpful. Thanks mike you a real one💯

  2. Bro like many people in the you tube scene once they got some success (couple hundred thousand subs) they started taking their fans for granted and got lazy, uncreative and complacent. Just thinking I can put out whatever and people are gonna rock with me. I know you have admitted that ya lost that fire at the worst time possible. I know many people thank their subscribers and give us the whole i couldnt do it without you speel but many of them aren't genuine and people see through that shit. Many of this isn't a direct reflection on you or personal it's just a general observation about YouTubers. They think YouTube pays me not my fans. But time is fucking money, and we are taking time out of our day to watch your content so if ya taking the easy way out and aren't genuinely working hard people will see through it and feel cheated in the sense you wasted their time. Now I'm mos def not the type that think y'all have to do all these giveaways and owe us anything financially. I think all ya can do is put in the work, take that extra time to be more creative, be genuine and have to be passionate about whatever it is your putting out. I dont know ya of course but I believe ya have the talent(acting in the skits is dope as fuck), editing skills seem dope, you seem like a genuine and honest dude from here, prolly just have to put forth that extra effort more consistently and the main thing I question with you is I don't see the passion in you as far as shoes goes anymore. I know ya still like your kicks but when ya doing reviews or whatever it seems you are just going through the motions. I know that's not all your channel is but maybe you gotta find a different lane. Totally meant as constructive advice, I know it's a fucking essay but if ya take time to read I would like to hear your thoughts.

  3. Everyone if you want I just made a new youtube channel and I do shoe reviews and all videos related to that. please go subscribe to my channel for good quality content and help me grow my channel! thank you all so much for the support!

  4. I have 10 different J's all new never worn, all size 11 would like to trade em for size 10 1/2 my size or for some thing I want. Help…


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