Is gender just a costume?

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  1. as someone who's genderfluid this video is offensive. Im done with buzzfeed right now. Unsubscribed. Stop pretending to know what we go through. This video is a slap in the face.

  2. i swear you can wear a giant sign that says HEY YALL I USE HE/HIM(or they them) AND I AM MALE(or gender queer) and people will still be out here like oh hey 100% female we love girls wow my favoriyte woman. being they/them was basically like being she/her and honestly so does being male and thats just the life when ur born wirth a vagina and fem face.
    i mean i have a mullet i bind i try to dress masc,, also i have a mullet did i mention thatn like come on i dont even wear makeup and i love makeup and i have eyebags that u can see from 8 feet away

  3. Both of the outfits look great and as long as you feel good in it that's all that should matter. I kinda wanna try coming to school in the boys uniform of my school and see how it would be to dress like that but unfortunately I go to a conservative Catholic school so it probably wouldn't go down well.

  4. how sad they had to work twice as hard and pour hours into the performance that got them disrespected and harassed. That being said, forgive me, but cry me a river and ship some of those first world problems downstream where some poor people of color could use a laugh. Not to hate on the person's lived experience really but I think this one can cone wrapped in a big gratitude bow, for so so many reasons. Gorgeous gf. Cool af ppl. Actual job: being the center of a lot of surprisingly positive attn. IJS present femm (esp that much cleavage) and walk down the street in India. Just for a lil perspective. Great topic. Goes to show, the trans struggle is real. Cuz no man is rushing to take a huge step down in the world, even in the best feminist enlightened scenerio. I could prolly present male fairly naturally and convincingly but I love being a woman. maybe I'm brainwashed idk. But much respect for bravery here, with a small caveat. I know I am extremely thankfyl, why are YOU? 🙂

  5. Normalize they/them being accessible even if you look "femme". I'm a nonbinary person who is constantly seen as feminine despite what I do to physical appearance and it won't work basing assumptions off the binary norms of femme and masc. Don't assume Christine Today would have she/hr pronouns.

  6. How has this video not reached over a million views!!!?!?????!!!!!! This is such an amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I felt their discomfort like it was my own. Even though I present super fem, one step into showing clevege or something too far feels suffocating and feels like everyone is perceiving me wrong. I like their idea of having spaces where you can play in your gender expression without feeling the judgement or pressure to be a certain way because of it.

  8. In my opinion, today's generation just think a little too much; they over-complicate simple things like just appreciating feminine beauty. The moment someone finds you attractive in feminine clothes you begin to question the motives and if that person is not respecting your inner beauty and whole bunch of other things. It's the most over-thinking generation in my opinion. When I grew up it was so simple, "oh she looks pretty", "oh he looks cute/hot".

  9. Very interested.
    The gender look allows its gender role.
    Or what gender role the people expect it from.

    So you think, a female gender -> female role
    reduce the woman, for what she is allowed to be and to do ?

    Or more masculinity allows more = wider gender role ?

    Whereever more masculinity or more feminity.
    A woman can be more tough, as people expect from her.

  10. gender is NOT just a costume. It is not so easy.
    You cannut put a gender role on, like its gender clothes.
    Or you are a trained actor, and play a gender role only.

    The gender look -> its gender role.
    You must fullfill this gender role.
    If you cannot, it looks like a fake or a joke.

    If you look more masculine, you cannot be a shy, cute, female woman.

    I saw a woman in a real police uniform, handgun, handcuffs etc., but walking like John Wayne.
    She is a true police woman, doing her job. But it looks too masculine.

  11. This reminds me so much of an experiment my one of my campus's sociology classes does every year. Every year, people taking the class are encouraged to "flip" for a day and wear something of a different gender, then walk around and gauge results. As an observer, it's absolutely amazing to see someone with a masculine body strut around in an absolutely boss outfit and flawless makeup, or people with feminine bodies rocking some amazing suits. As a student, I've heard the professor is incredibly respectful about this and doesn't force NB students to partake if they don't feel comfortable.

  12. Interesting that people thought you were artistic on both the "masc" and the "femme" days. That kind of impression might not be very gendered, or it could just be because you have a cool haircut!

  13. When you said about not being able to hold your space in the bar… I understand that toooooo well!! Much love!! Xxx

  14. I get this. I could never dress so extremely feminine, I would feel so uncomfortable and unconfident that I would just want to go home.


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