I got back from Japan with Dodie and Evan last night and i’m off to Italy tomorrow but i quickly wanted to get this up for you guys!! We got so many clothes, plushies, disney merch etc…

This is everything i bought in Japan, we mostly shopped at Tokyo Disneyland / Sea, Harajuku and Shibuya 109



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  1. My top 4 Disney movies are fox and the hound, the rescuers, the great mouse detective, and the aristocats. I must go through Japan!

  2. Ive got all the stuff that you've got XD but I order mine off eBay because my mum can't afford to go to Japan (apart from the Hans doll cause I don't like Frozen)
    My stuff wasn't exactly the same but it was kinda similar
    Oh and I don't have all the clothes but I have like 2 or 3 of the clothes

  3. Omg went to Japan in April I was having heel and foot
    Arch problems before we arrived and I too have swollen ankles and feet like balloons after our flight home . I thought is was because we sat in the plane for an extra 2hours before takeoff while
    They fixed something and they had no aircon on and I found my packets of crisps swelled up also I think it was a pressure thing anyways I just went on eBay and looked up slimming socks and
    Found them I have purchased two pairs

  4. Cannot believe you managed to win that toy I saw them all over Japan! And we wasted sooo much money on a moomin toy but couldn't even nearly get it!!!!

  5. How did you learn Japaneese?! I really want to learn! Please tell me how you did it! Btw, i really love you 😉

  6. Noodle,you are literally me! I love pink,roses,and girly things! We're so alike! Love you so much!????????

  7. OMG this haul is soooo cuuuute !!!
    I want go to Japan !!! And you are very funny ! It's a pleasure to watch your kawaii videos <3
    PS : sorry for my english but I'm french^^

  8. By the way I have a purse that size and I use it as a mini travel makeup bag by the way moats travel stuff from h and m fits


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