I always get asked how I thrift my super trendy fashion pieces, so I decided to film a video all about it! If you want more videos like this, please don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! See you in my next video Xx – Kelsey

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  1. Me and my friend always get authentic designer bags like Gucci and Louis Vuitton in our thrift stores along with expensive shirts and sweaters

  2. we don't care if its a lot we enjoy your your fricken vloggas MOM!!! show us all the stuff you got so i can get even 1000000008384x more inspired lmao

  3. andddd how even your homemade cropped sweatshirt looks so pretty ? when I crop my own sweatshirts they look lame and destroyed lmao
    you are truly an inspiration, and I love the way you love fashion ( does that even make sense )

  4. I am obsessed with thrifting. its so fun cause you really gotta dig and finding good clothes is actually rewarding. love this video!! feeling inspired to do a thrift shopping haul now

  5. I mean living in a wealthy area where most people spend hundreds of dollars on clothing and accessories that most likely end up in thrift stores helps when your looking for expensive brands

  6. Just had to say, I am a hard core thrift shopper. I've been thrift shopping for years. But now that I started using your tip about going into thrift stores with specific items in mind, I've fallen in love with thrift shopping all over again. SERIOUSLY people need to try this tip!! Go into thrift stores with a specific purpose, it changes everything.

  7. Do u live in florida? Please say yes bc I’m going to move there in a month and i really hope i find good thrift stores like you area’s in mine


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