Hey dolls, today I share my Hawaii 2018 trip along with How I Style My Baby Bump while on vacation. Thank you to so many of you who encouraged me to show off my bump. It wasn’t easy, but I hope you mamas do it! You’re only pregnant for a short period of time ENJOY IT!

What outfit is your favorite? Comment Below!

Outfit 1:
Bathing suit from: Nordstrom
Similar Cover up:

Outfit 2
Jump suit:

Outfit 3
Baby Doll dress:

Outfit 4
Black Off The Shoulder Top: Victoria Secret Top
Bottoms: Naked Wardrobe

Outfit 5
Off the Shoulder Top:
Pants: Zara

Outfit 6
White Dress:


  1. killer Mole
    killer Clothes
    killer attitude
    3 thumbs up
    n bdw ur freaking hot … lol
    Good luck with ur pregnancy n do let me know if u need any help with nutritional advice im a nutritionist
    share the love

  2. Omg you brought back so many good memories!! My husband and I stayed at the andaz last year in April and it was amazing we went canoeing and to twin falls as well, I loved hawaii it was so relaxing and beautiful 💛 you look amazing by the way!


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