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  1. Actually I always prefer to buy 100% cotton than wearing plastic. Same as acrylic scarves, I always go for wool. So synthetic, for me, is not equivalent of good quality fabric… :/

  2. I'm trying to learn sewing n I think I will need to learn the fabrics, textiles, n pricing. where can I get resources to learning?

  3. I'm not a women, is there specific brands apart from Ralph Lauren, which are high quality clothes brands for men to be able to buy online without assessing the material?

  4. Thank you, this is so helpful! I want to be more selective about my fabrics but it's a little overwhelming with all the options out there with varying price points. I would totally watch an in depth video on this topic.

    About cotton, don't some manufactures wash and dry the cotton first before making the garments? A lot of people I know just buy a size or two up and then it fits after it shrinks. Seems kind of risky to me though.

  5. hi evelina, could you do a video on proper care for different types of fabric (what to not wash/dry, tips & tricks on keeping clothes soft but in good quality – i always have the issue where i like my clothes soft but certain materials can't be put in the dryer and when they air dry they get crunchy feeling)

  6. I've had 100% cotton items for nearly a decade. Especially if you chose to not use a heater, it will maintain the pieces integrity for so much longer. Also, thicker cotton is less likely to shrink to normal cotton.

  7. This was/is so helpful and came just in time cause I thought 100% cotton was the best so I intended to buy several shirts based on that, but now I know 🙂

  8. I appreciate this video, very informative! Genuinely curious about how one would shop online for high quality clothes?

  9. Is it true that leather has a specific smell? This is what I mostly base my argument on whether or not it's real leather.

  10. sorry but I just can't agree with you on the cotton blend issue. I sweat like a motherfucker and blends tend to keep the smell for a long time even if I wash it immediatly after taking it off. You can just buy 100% cotton a size or two larger or check if was pre-shrunck or not. Nowadays they prewash the cotton sometimes so as to avoid shrinkage of the garment. This is very important to me since t-shirts is pretty much all I wear.

  11. Do you have some kind of degree or education when it comes to fashion? You seem to know a lot about it 🙂 Also the terrarium looking thing behind you to the left looks awesome, where did you get it?

  12. Thanksssssss for this video ! You're a life savior ! I don't know a single thing about good/bad quality, I often shop bad stuff and this is annoying


  14. I really need videos like this since I don't want to fall into the category of consumers who are too brainwashed with the brand but don't look into the actual quality of the product that they're buying.

  15. i'm pretty much late but i've been looking for fabric videos the whole day until i came across this one got to say Thank you i'm hoping to see more of these fashion related videos because i'm getting rubbed each time i go shoping, the clothes wouldn't last more than a month i need to have the knowledge of fashion students so, PLZ MORE HELP! thank you so much <3

  16. CAN I JUST MENTION HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU LOOK IN THIS VIDEO <333 Also this video is really useful, thanks for sharing your fashion knowledge with us all 🙂 I work in one of s.Oliver's stores so I already knew some of this stuff, but I still learn a lot from you and your style is my favourite! xoxo

  17. You've got good points (except it's already been said in like 100 other videos). But the "valley accent" is annoying, it's not you. Especially when the sentences aren't proper English, and you talk way too fast. Breathe! Please use your normal accent, stop trying to be who you're not. Looks like the blonde made you think you're valley but you're very far from it. Get real.


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