How To Repaint MALE Monster High Dolls / Customizing My 1st Boy Doll / Drawing Man Face, Eyes, Lips

On my Doll Channel you can find numerous Craft Ideas for Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High dolls. I especially love Easy Crafts and 5 minute crafts! I have lots of DIY Projects and crafts for kids and parents. And I’m just addicted to my 3d pen creating doll shoes, bag, crown, wings and other doll accessoires. Every Wednesday and Friday I post a new Handmade Tutorial about making doll clothes, shoes, furniture, accessoires. And every Friday is a new Monster High Repaint video! So, if you love Barbi dolls, Monster High dolls, Ever After High dolls, 3d pen and 3doodler and just crazy about Custom Doll, OOAK Doll and want to learn how to customize a doll and make doll clothes and shoes very easy – subscribe my channel!

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Which materials to choose for doll repaint? Check my video here:

How to prepare a doll for customizing? Check it here:

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  1. I'm glad you used the fake eyelashes. They just add a another layer of 'realism' to the doll. I also wish I had a third of your amazing talent!

  2. I’ve got no issues with a nice lash & the less you have to draw (fake) the better. I can see your point about realism but my complaint with doll lashes is that they’re ALWAYS too long. Some of the collectable “limited edition” Disney Princesses look like drag queens. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone cut them & it makes all the difference in the world. Very cool face-up

  3. You did a great job! But just a suggestion is to draw the iris closer to the inner corner of the doll’s eye to make it look like it is looking forward.

  4. In guessing it just me but in some angels his eye looks a bit derpy, the style is great though amazing artwork just the eye placement caught me off

  5. YES!! Your doll came out perfect. Omg I was so scared to do a male doll. Plus there's a lot less tutorials on male dolls?? at least in my opinion. BUT THIS MAKES ME WANT TO DO A MALE DOLL SO BADLY!! I'm so inspired by your end result ahh!

  6. You're such an amazing artist. Your use of shading is the best I've ever seen. You create faces that are so realistic. I always look forward to new videos from you. You make really nice doll clothes too

  7. I like what you did here 🙂 I would suggest padding your male doll's shoulders next time you try, though. It would help him look msore masculine and balance his giant head lol

    I would also like to request you get a male doll and paint him as a drag queen 🙂 that would be very fun

  8. You're a breath of fresh air!!!! You've helped reignite my passion for art. I used to love painting and drawing but I lost the spark. But no longer!!!! You are an inspiration!!!! Much love to you! I loved how you addressed the last haters. I love the lashes they give the dolls more pop.

  9. Omg, he's stunning!!! Male dolls are in dire need of ur love and beautifying touch all around the world! I love the way u do lashes so I'm sorry there are haters of that anywhere, I think they must be crazy not to love them. They are totally next level I only wish I could figure out how to add them to mine as well. Congrats to the winner of ur pochaontas, I'm totes jelly!

  10. Poppen: I use 5-6 colours on the eyebrows.
    Me: 〰️gets disheartened after 10 minutes〰️
    Me: I’ll get the hang of it one day….


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