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  1. Great tip with the scarve ! Italian ladies have been doing this for years ! They always carry them, tied around the handles of their bags.

  2. This was the first video from you I didn't like. Buying more expensive pieces have nothing to do with making old clothes look new. It's a completely different thing. Wear old pieces with new ones are a good tip but otherwise this gave ne nothing….

  3. I'm very fond of the music choices in your videos. Could you mention them in the description box now and then? There is a girl singer that I especially like (not featured in this video). A sweet yet sultry voice and I wonder so who it is.

  4. So you said you couldn't afford expensive clothes back then but nearly half of the video is you telling us to do so? Seems controversial to me.

  5. Wonderful video with great tips! Quality basics are key and taking good care (proper cleaning and mending) of your wardrobe is probably one of the best tips for always looking put together. I'll also add in, making sure the fit is correct for your body shape is another essential for always looking your best. (A good seamstress/tailor is your best friend to customize a perfect fit!!)

    My best tip for "shopping your own wardrobe" is to hang all like items together. My dressing room is color coordinated within each category… trousers, skirts, tops, dresses, jackets. I arrange them from short to long (sleeves or length) and from printed to solid within each color category. This way when you're picking out an outfit using the trousers or skirt you bought with a coordinating jacket, because they aren't hanging together, you are more apt to peruse all your jackets as options with that particular trouser or skirt. Regardless if a scarf, bag or a pair of shoes is the inspiration of the day, the selection process is made easier due to the color order, and easy to find items appropriate for any given day's weather forecast.

  6. How do you style older clothes in an age appropriate way given you were much younger when purchased and perhaps wish to dress more discreetly now, or more classically than when you originally bought something like a short skirt for example? In other words investing in quality items that last for years but which you might tweak to suit your style as you mature.

  7. I can’t wait for the video on how to take care of your own stuff. Can you do a dummy version? Haha I’ve only just started investing in classic pieces (better late than never) and desperately need some tips (:

  8. Love all these tips …It's so true even if yours clothes are Primark …and nothing wrong with Primark by the way….keeping them fresh and clean and cared for is def. the key….sometimes I also have swop parties with friends so even if the item is an old piece feels new to someone else!!!x Love your videos u are so inspirational x

  9. You give wonderful advise, have a beautiful classic style and you're really young to have that and have wonderful taste.

  10. Excellent video Josie! 👏😃👏. Funny question…would love to know what brand & model of washing machine you have with the hand wash cycle. 😊😊😊. Thanks!

  11. I watched this video 1 min in and knew it was going to be brilliant!!! LOVED it! Such good tips. Thank you so much!

  12. Have you already done a video about stores where’s good quality clothes with fair prices? I would love to know!

  13. Great tips and tricks! I have a black leather jacket from Clavin Klein that I bought in 2012 and I still reach for it year after year. I also bought a pair of Jimmy Choo heels with pink crystals on them (which cost me an arm and a leg 🙂 but I love them) that I know I'm going to go back to year after year. They are only a little over a year old, but I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of them. I wear heels to work (not a requirement, I just like to) so I have them in my "rotation" of heels I wear although I only wear them when I know there is no chance of rain or snow or anything that might damage them 🙂 My main heels that I wear to work are a pair of leather cream colored kitten heels that I got probably 5 years ago and I wear them so much that I've had to get replacement rubber heel tips about 5 or 6 times, unfortunately they are starting to look very worn out though, for obvious reasons, and I want to invest in another pair of shoes similar to them, but I haven't been able to find anything similar to them that I like. Please let me know if you've seen anything that you think would be similar.

  14. Great tips! I like taking out clothes which I haven’t worn for a long time and try them on. It helps me to remember why I liked it so much and start wearing again or removing it from my wardrobe making some space. I need to take your example about investing in better quality clothes. I usually don’t buy super trendy pieces so it’s worth investing in something that I will be wearing for years.


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