In this video I show you how to dress like a male model | men’s style & fashion .

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  1. I like the length of these videos. Also, it's fun to learn a new word for monochromatic: tonal. I did not know tonal could be a visual term. I just got some SLIM FIT pants at Ross for 25.00! They're PERRY ELLIS.

  2. You are a loser with the voice of a 10 y/o trying to sound like his 20. You aren't as good looking as you think you are and your videos hold next to no value. I love watching your videos though cus they are always 5-10 minutes of premium cringe.

  3. Can you please make a video about a bad modelling incident of yours( or to be more precise, any dark experience on it).. thanks… and btw you're great… Great channel…

  4. yes but what about Leather jackets , they are short , but i still love to rock them? so,if i wear a long tshirt or shirt under it, will i still look looong ???

  5. Very cool video as always, love it! i am really curious tho, if I had to get a black turtleneck, would it be stylish to go with it at school or would it be overkill?

  6. I've noticed that some male models are short especially in Dolce & Gabbana and that makes me happy because I'm 1,75 cm (without shoes :p) and I would like to be a model and walk for Dolce & Gabbana! If someone knows I'd appreciate to give me some advise..
    #I'm trying for a long to get an answer 🙁 #
    Thank you!

  7. Very accurate Brett!! Classy and elegant. As a woman, that's what makes us melt, but also it's super hard to find a guy with that style. Boys, Brett is here to rescue y'all!!

  8. Okay so I've implemented some of the tips that you mentioned in two of your videos. First, I dressed yesterday like you at 1:49 except that I wore a navy jacket like that. Second, I also wore darker clothes a few days ago (in one of your videos where you mentioned that people with dark complexion , hair, and eyes should wear darker clothes) specifically, I wore a burgundy shirt and black waisted pants (a little bit on the dapper side If I may say so), and here's what I have to say about my experiment and experience. I noticed that people looked at me with more respect, I got a lot of compliments about my look, but the most important thing of all is that I felt like I'm the boss of everything. So, to all the haters saying that its not important how you dress and that you will dress the way you like your line of reasoning is invalid for me, and I'm not saying that you should ALWAYS implement these rules, of course sometimes I want to wear a pink tee or a blue one even though it doesn't complement my looks, but sometimes its important to follow these rules and it can make you a lot more confident and happier. Its a bit long but I felt that it had to be said. Cheers.

  9. You have such a beautiful face wow!!! ???I thought I'd never met someone I find attractive but you have proven me wrong! I have hope again hahaha thanks

  10. Hi Brett i would like to ask you something.. where do you Take the ideas of the different styles? What do you personaly like?

  11. I do not know why I feel that you are pretend a thick voice .. I am just wondering, if that is you voice or you just making yourself more muscle man …Lol


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