Hi! My name is ilikepiersquare, or Pie for short.
I’ve been gone awhile as I haven’t had the time to upload or create new content. Here’s a short video on how I store my lolita stuff and a little preview of my wardrobe.

The two dresses in the video that I couldn’t identify was Mercator Antique Shop and Fantasy Theater.

In summary, I hang dresses with built-in petticoat and fold dresses without. All dresses that are hung are stored in dust covers/suit covers. A 100cm cover is long enough for most short dresses and long dresses will need 120cm covers.

I have a pretty big collection of 51 dresses, 20 blouses, 50+ tights and socks, 18 bags, and a lot of accessories! So storing all of these can be quite hard. Let me know your tips and ricks in storing your collection!

See you next time!
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