Fashion and style really revolves around their agendas. In this case we are seeing this new high heel trend. For more videos like this please subscribe to my blog.


  1. ONE currency could be the people then, if they make them all "one" and not have both sexes – since in the bible it even says that we are basically currency. our birth certificates are like stock certificates…..

  2. Can you imagine John Wayne in high heels? I wish he was alive. I bet he would be he would be blasting some folks.

  3. Why is your focus on jared leto if you're talking about men wearing high heels like you already talked about leto like 3 times why talk about him more

  4. We went from teaching our kids to love who they are and how they are born to having a society tell your kids that it's ok not to be happy and that you can chose your sex- it is all a way to make the world mentally and emotionally unstable so a few fkd up ppl can feel comfortable with their screwed up choice That they end up regretting anyway-

  5. judging from his clothes , it looks more like a cry for help and attention … he is in pain because he is a nobody and he will go as far as wearing high heels to make himself noticed … it is laughable …

  6. When I first saw this I was speechless but was not aware why. But since my awakening I understand that its part of a satanic agenda. They are getting bold for sure. God will prevail.

  7. Just a thought…. I'm thinking the trans men wearing the heels completes and finalizes the whole baphomet look to a tee. Ya know like the heels symbolizing some kind of hooves…..hmmm.


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