CrAzY HaIr StYlEs FrOm ToKyO !!

LuV YaAaAa !!


  1. lol! I WANNA GO THERE! 😛 I like the hairstyles! but my hair ish natural curly..soo 🙁 😛 i do straighten it at times…

  2. WTF! was it Ruki from the GazettE at 3:13? S/he looks just like him, I can't believe it o_O. Btw, wtf is up whit that song?

  3. I know the Scotty Vanity song is about hair and all, but
    you probably should have gone with something Japanese
    just to fit the mood better.

  4. lmao! XD I lol'd so hard tears are in my eyes…shea! i need more hair looks like hell…bitches…

  5. i heard this song th other day and now i hav to listen to it again?!?!
    someone plz tell me what i did wrong D=


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