Hey everyone! Since dying my fringe neon green earlier this year, I’ve received a load of questions asking how I colored my hair, if I cut it myself, what products I use, etc. So I figured that since I wanted to change the color up, I’d film the process for you! Just as a disclaimer, I am NOT a professional hair stylist, colorist or cosmetologist in any way. Everything you see me do in this video is from years of self-teaching, so if something I do isn’t technically correct, feel free to let me know, as I love learning more about how to better myself artistically. Aside from that, I hope you like the new hair! I sure do 🙂

-Salon Care Aloe Infused Gloves & Processing Caps
-Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Spray, Conditioning Powder Lightener, Sensitive Scalp 40vol Developer, Stain Barrier Cream, Brights Semi-Permanent Creme Color in Sky Blue & After Color Sealer (off-camera)
-Cara Narrow Dye Brush
-Sally’s Beauty Large Dye Brush & Dye Bowls

The song used in the video is “Project Bluebird” by Villainess Ambition. I featured this band in my Queens of Scream series here:

Thank you all so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. May i ask why you are using a developer with a semi permanent hair dye? Seems to me adding a developer is only damaging your hair further and diluting the color! Even if you feel the developer opens up the cuticle and helps the pigment deposit better, i would suggest using a 10 volume creme developer and not a 40! thats an insane amount of time combined to have 40 vol on your hair, considering you dont need developer at all for a semi perm! Just wondering what your reasoning behind it is!


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