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I’m so excited to share with you my trip to Tokyo, Japan with Givenchy Beauty to celebrate the launch of Le Rouge Liquide lipstick. I had so much fun exploring the Japanese culture! I felt so inspired by the food, beauty, fashion, people, and just walking through the streets! The event was so special, like nothing I have seen before…there was a lot of creativity involved, which is no surprise ;). About 3 years ago, I had my first intimate meet-and-greet organized by Givenchy inside of Barney’s, now it’s 2018 and this experience just closes the circle. This was was surreal to me! A dream come true! Literally!!
Stay tuned for part two where I sit down and talk with Givenchy’s Creative Director of Makeup, Nicolas Degennes, which I have admired for years….

Hope u will enjoy it!

xoxo, Sophie TRENDMOOD

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    I love This video and your channel. Always when I wanna know something about makeup I check your page. You help us and we love you ❀
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