Fashion Vocabulary Video Dictionary is a combo of vocabulary words and demos on how to draw them! This video is all about words pertaining to dressy heels.

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How to Draw Simplified Feet for Fashion Illustration:

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This is my etsy store where I sell coloring pages, fashion figure templates, tech pack templates, and practice packs.

All by boards are reference for my students/viewers.



  1. Zoe, thank you so much, this is really detailed and helpful, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn any of these topics otherwise, so thank you again.

  2. Hello Zoe Hong,

    I am really enjoying your videos, especially the Haul ones. I was wondering if you could do a marker comparison of the different brands in your collection? Perhaps other art supplies as well? I don't do fashion design, but I find your videos on drawing people to be very interesting as well as I enjoy drawing people and different kinds of clothing. Thank you so much!

  3. Hello I know I never ever post anything but I have been watching you for quite a while and was wondering if it was okay to list you as a illustration influence I didn't want to add that information without your blessing to do so.

  4. thaaaanks a lot πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’‹.. i don't know what you say exactly because i am Arabian girl but i can understand you ..

  5. Zoe your tutorials are just amazing.. i am amazed to see how you have such detailed knowledge to all these varied subjects…just wondering if you will be able to do a video on bags too.. it would be really helpful, i am a leather design student dealing particularly in bags, but i would love to have a clearer idea from you.. i have been following your design processes and they are a boon to us aspiring designers..thank you so much.. it would be really great if you could also guide on how to go about designing them.. love you…

  6. I had a pair of platform wedges with an espadrille design on them. (My brother gave them to his girlfriend, I think, because she wanted them and I didn't wear them ever.) They had fake black flowers over the toes, and the petals of said fake flowers tended to tickle my toes when I walked. Alliteration. Not intended. Anyway, my point for saying the first sentence of this comment is that I learned things! Yay! I'm not a clothing designer, but I like drawing my characters so this allows me to learn more about the shoes I can throw on them. Thanks!

    ((PS: I love your chuckle at 23:02. I just do. XD ))

  7. This vid is so cool and helpful even for someone like me who used to be a shoe designer, a Mary Jane is missing, so maybe you can include it in a new vid with the flats shoes!


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