Some great finds from Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree to organize and decorate your home.

How to make a Dollar Tree Wreath:

Key Shelf: Family Dollar ($6)
Rose Gold Mirrors: Family Dollar ($10 for 3)
Cubby Shelf: Family Dollar ($30 with bins)
Flowers: Dollar Tree ($8 for 8 sprigs)







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  1. Hi , I am actually planning to buy the dollar tree cube bins only, so just want to know how are they? are they durable?

  2. Woo hoo Family Dollar.  You can find some awesome stuff there especially to decorate the walls, can't beat the price!

  3. I love, love, love making wreaths! Yours were very pretty. I always get my flowers at the Dollar Tree or Dollar General. I've noticed that Family Dollar has good home decor. I had heard that Dollar Tree bought Family Dollar  too. Two great places to shop….:)

  4. I wish we had Family Dollar!  What you've done is lovely.  Absolutely LOVE how you help your Mom, Dad and Friends.  Your talent is an amazing gift from God.  So glad you choose to share it with us. =)

  5. I actually have two of those key shelves in my bathroom. I love them because they are very sturdy unlike the ones that tilt down.

  6. Hi, I found your channel, and you are amazing. Love the tips so much! I would like to ask your opinion about the bookshelves in Walmart. Some of the are under $30, do you know if they are a good buy? Thanks!

  7. Kathryn, the wreaths are beautiful, do u make any to sell? u could have ur own little side business with these and the acrylic water arrangements! but do u use any kind of glue to hold the flowers in the wreath, how do you keep them from sliding out? (i dont use hot glue guns, never have!)

  8. misleading..i admire the things ppl can do with dollar items..not  30 dollar items…I don't care what umbrella you think youre under any one can do décor cheaper..but the brilliant can do it cheapest!

  9. I recently purchased a Interiors by design entertainment center with doors(holds up to a 42 inch flat screen) the problem is that there are no instructions and I'm pretty sure there are pieces missing can someone anyone help me or is there a video on YouTube that I can watch please help me thank You

  10. how can I send you my number or inbox you so I can get some tips from you on decoratinf my new house. so much space but don't know what to do. help

  11. Actually Walmart has really good prices on furniture. I found a dresser/chest that was about $22. I also found a really nice desk that was around $50.

  12. walmart 6ft tall bookshelf is $30. us in the hobby use them when we are on a budget for our hobby rooms to display miniatures, gunpla, trains, terrain, and scale models, etc.
    No disrespect to you at all I was just hoping to find something cheaper that I could use to hold my gunpla, funkos, and other models while my friend is borrowing mine until he gets paid for loaning money to a family member.

  13. Yeah Dollar Tree is an amazing store. Its unbelievable how they have so many beautiful items all so cheap. I'm going to redo my room and use Dollar Tree decor and Family dollar furniture. I just really hope and pray the furniture works out cause it sounds too good to be true. 🤔😏


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