Here’s a link to my amazon pg where you’ll find the lashes, glue and tweezers

Alright guys, knock yourselves out on this one. Lashes have changed my life. Ok, maybe thats dramatic, but they certainly have become a big part of my life the last 7+ plus years – really since Victorious. I don’t think I could ever give em up, so don’t tell me all of the bad things to change my mind. Please and thank you 🙂

BIG thank you for letting me borrow your studio Emily – she’s the BEST. Go follow her asap! @iamemilydawn

Oooh, and I noticed a typo, grrr my bad. I meant DABBING, “Dabbling”.


  1. Omg yay finally! Been waiting for this 💕 question! Where exactly on your eyelid do you put the lashes?

  2. You look so different to how you looked on Victorious. You look beautiful both ways but was it just because you did your make up differently or something? Being a guy I'm really no expert on this at all lol

  3. Hi Daniel! Thank you for the video! From what I understood you said you keep them up for about a week. If any fall out you just refill. Do you take off the mascara with vitamin E oil. And the individuals still stay on? Or do most come off. Also when you shower do they still hold on tight? And to take them completely off when you are going to start a fresh new set what do you to take them all off? Sorry for all the questions just want to make that part clear I really want to try this method 😃🙇🏻‍♀️

  4. Yesss finally!!!!!! 🤗 You said they last about a week and you just fill as they fall… So any tips on washing your face and showering??? Do you avoid the lash area?? Help pleaseeeeeeee💕

  5. you dont have any makeup on?? I thought my skin was good lol. please do a video on how you get your skin to be that flawless!

  6. Yay!!! I’ve been waiting for this video since the day you said you do your own lashes, love the outcome!! Can’t wait to try this myself!

  7. When washing your face at night, do you avoid the lashes and just keep the mascara on always or do you wash off the mascara at night and the lashes still stay on?

  8. No hate toward her but she seems like she's not really doing anything anymore and she turned to Youtube to try and stay relevant .

  9. How do you take off the mascara without making the lashes come off? I use the individuals and that glue quite a bit, but never considered that I could keep them on longer than a day.

  10. How u remove it tho? Is it tricky to know which is fake lashes instead of accidentally pulling your own lashes?

  11. I love doing individual lashes as well! There’s a more permanent glue you might be interested in by ardell called lash tight it’s made for lash extensions and will last up to a month.

  12. I’m still kinda confused about how you’d wear a full eye look with this. But I think the idea is going for a natural look – so maybe light face makeup with just these bare eyes? Do they come off when you take your other makeup off?

  13. Glad I found your YouTube channel. Post notifications turned on, also you deserve way more subscribers! Keep up the good work!

  14. Hi beauty, how much do your lashes last? You're totally beautiful, sorry about my English, I'm Colombian 🇨🇴

  15. Wowww i love your eyelashes that tutorial Was amazing ⚡ thanks 💚 Daniella , do your tutorial makeup


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