” More than mere playthings, DeMuse Dolls are a brand of high fashion, edgy and articulated 16 inches muses. Adorned with miniature haute couture and graced in editorial voguish poses, each ball jointed resin doll intricately conveys the passion and love of Nigel Chia towards high end fashion. Unique and delicate, each DeMuse doll evoke a strong fashion emotion, bringing us into the miniature world of fashion.”I know exactly what I want for a high fashion doll, and I am creating muses of my own”.

This book is about My favourite creations, and how I became their maker .”

For order please visit www.nigelchia.com


  1. You know one day your gonna end up being the world's greatest fashion designer, I can already see it, your Demuse outfits are so exquisite and just…beautiful. You have such an amazing talent, creating lovely art.

  2. Ani Gold
    да но стоит она как чугунный мост и запись на год вперед.. и журнальчик каталог 2000 тыс стоит огого..


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