On today’s video we hike to the most luxurious bothy in Scotland and find a dead whale in a stunning white sand beach.

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  1. Pourrais tu faire une vidéo "une journée dans ma peau" et montrer le réveiller le repas et tout plein dautre choses et peut etrd pensser a mettre les sous titre en français si le te plaît :):)

  2. Marina, this is the best video I've seen from you so far (though I did not watch all of them yet!). I had such a good laugh about your dialogue with the sheep and Odie's socks! And the sheep at the end are so cute. Please, tell me: how on earth did you manage to take Odie over that fence?! Must be the Avocados which make you so strong?!
    By the way: am I the only one who finds that bothy kind of spooky???

  3. Attention ⚠️ aux méduses ! J’aime voir Oddy arrivé avec les pattes 🐾 pleine de terre, il se confond avec les moutons. Sinon la maison est réservée aux personnes prisonnières des intempéries ? En tout cas cool de la trouver grande ouverte. Quel aventure !! Pam, je te trouve amincie, t’es jolie comme un cœur ❣ 😍

  4. Beautiful photography of a stunning place. Many thanks for sharing it with us. I'm guessing the whale is a minke. Sad but as you say the circle of life is ongoing.

  5. Hahaha I thought I was the only one who talked to sheep like that! They are so funny! 🤣 By the way you have the best personality ever!!! Thanks for bringing us along with you.

  6. every time my dog hears the sheep, he goes bananas and runs out on the balcony to see where the sound coming from…he's a nutter… 🙂

  7. What amazing beaches (long eeee, be careful how you say it 😉) you and Odie are discovering in Scotland! And what perfect weather you are having to discover them in! I’m very envious, stuck in overheated London but looking forward to going away soon to the sea with Misha for his first time! I hadn’t realised quite how beautiful Scotland was, having only ever seen it in the rain, and I hope the weather continues to hold out for both of you! I’ve just tried to contact you via Etsy just to send you a photo of Misha and me at his very first dog show in London’s Battersea Park, so I hope it reaches you! Misha has actually been clipped to an inch of his life since then as he suffers so much from the heat and I was worried how he’d manage during our travels. He’s feeling much cooler and more energetic since, even though he was rather scared of the clippers!
    I was just thinking again what a wonderful life you are giving Odie with all this endless discovering and swimming and sniffing around in nature! I make sure that I take Misha to the park or countryside every single day even if it means I have no energy left to do much else! I suffer from Fibromyalgia which is very similar to Chronic Fatigue so my limited energy goes on walking him for a good two hours every day. Otherwise life can get so boring for dogs cooped up all day inside! I would love to do what you do (as I’ve said many times before) but due to my illness it’s just not possible atm – I’m also not nearly as brave and strong and … I can only think of the word in French as there isn’t an exact English translation but as you speak French too – ‘débrouillarde’ is the word I’m thinking of to describe you. ‘Resourceful’ is the closest I can think of in English but it’s still not quite the same! I’m not like that at all sadly and would have probably run home in tears after the first night of sharing the van with a dog covered in sheep poo! 😄 Do you ever have moments when you feel overwhelmed or exhausted or unwell and consider giving it up? Or are you always as contented and at ease with it all as you appear in your videos? You must be super fit too to be able to cope with all your long hikes – I was very impressed to see you carrying Odie over that fence!!!
    Thanks for another lovely vlog!
    xxx 😊 🐶 🐾

  8. Nice little trip Pam. I agree all things relative – there's nothing more you need. The Bothy was just divine. The whale a part of that same divine order. Take care. Mark

  9. Simply beautiful. You are so lucky with the sunshine. Oldie seems to love these big adventure walks,scrambling over walls and rivers. Thanks Marina for another little bit of heaven.

  10. A big HELLO from me to you
    not so long ago found your posts and i am now a massive fan…subscribed straight away after watching just 1 vlog
    now i just carnt stop watching
    addicted or what yep thats me
    love your upbeat- funny-crazy-lovely-awesome personality
    gunna binge view and hopefully catch all your vlogs over the next few days and look forward to seeing many more
    take care and stay safe

  11. You have a pleasant, easy going style that make your videos very enjoyable to watch. I especially like seeing van life from a European perspective. Continued safe travels.

  12. Hi Marina ..dont know if im out of order by saying this or not hopefully not
    if after your scotland visit ends and if you are traveling south or to be exact yorkshire or even more exact huddersfield in yorkshire…..ok ok i know who would want to visit huddersfield… well if you are and fancy a stop over you can park on my drive use my shower and washing machine etc etc …more than welcome both of you
    well like i said hope im not out of order by offering / welcoming ..but there you are the offer stands should you choose to accept it
    this message will self destruct in 5 seconds…..ho no sorry thats mission impossible isnt it
    joking aside its a genuine offer
    enjoy your travels and stay safe


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