Here are some of my FAVORITE ethical labels, as well as some excellent alternatives for fur, wool, down, and silk!

Which look do you like best? Comment below!


  1. Hi Daniella! I love you and your videos so much! Every time that you post I look so forward to them! You are so beautiful, and an amazing actress#I loved you in victorious😁💖👑👗💕💎!! P.S. I think it is amazing that you are vegan! I am Vegetarian!

  2. You'll notice that the Flintstones (prehistoric) tho' fine people, wear fur.
    Whereas the Jetsons (future), appear, to wear synthetics. Ta-da!

  3. Woww amazing daniella first i hope that you read this and i love Watch your videos you most do the yoga Challenge 💟 and please follow me interesa Instagram
    @_mariis._ love you Daniella 💗

  4. I never understood why people would wear fur, wool or leather in 2018, when we have amazing, cheaper, non-smelly, non-scratchy, realistic faux options for all of this

  5. is there any chance of you telling us what makeup products your'e wearing in this video? lol but thank you for these tips I'm totally on board now!!


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