COMPLETE MAKEOVER OF A HUGE 28 INCH 70 CM BARBIE DOLL / Repaint, Faceup, Custom / How To Draw Realstic Girl Face, Eyes, Lips

How to Repaint Big Barbie Head:

My Best Doll Repaint:

Repainting Big 17” Monster High Doll:

I post a new doll repaint every week Friday andI mostly work on Monster High and Barbie dolls. Also next to the speedpaint drawing tutorials on my Doll Channel you can find numerous Craft Ideas for Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High dolls. I have lots of DIY Projects and crafts for kids and parents.

My dolls can be purchased here:
Instagram: @poppenatelier

Which materials to choose for doll repaint? Check my video here:

How to prepare a doll for customizing? Check it here:

How to reroot your old doll hair:

How to blush doll body:

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Abbey Bominable:

Doll shoes / 3d pen:
– Doll Crown with a 3d pen:
Doll bag / purse:
Doll Tiara / Crown / Diadem:
Cute pink doll shoes:
Black high heels doll shoes:
Ballerina doll shoes:
Doll open shoes:

Doll Clothes Tutorials / Free Patterns:
– Doll wedding dress very easy:
– Lavender Hand Embroidered Dress
– Leather jacket:
– Long Romantic Dress:
– Doll dress from a sock:
– Black lace doll dress:
– Doll pants / trousers:
– Doll skirt very easy:
– White lace doll dress / wedding dress:
– Black velvet doll dress:

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  1. Girl you’re such a great artist you’ve inspired me to have an interest in doll painting as an artist!! I love ur vids!🤩

  2. I love love love seeing your face! Did you know that mummies are so rare because entrepreneurs ground them up and sold then as a powder so you would drink them as a health tonic!!!! 🙊

  3. I’m so curious about how these same shading and blushing techniques could transform a person’s face! Obviously skipping the pastels, Mr Super Clear, and hair cutting 😂 but I’d love to see you try applying the same techniques with cosmetics on a person!

  4. I love how you paint your dolls! They are stunning! Can I give you a quick tip? Be careful with the reflective light in the eyes. You paint stunning eyes, but I think sometimes the size of the reflection takes away from the face! Maybe try something smaller to mimic a real eye. Stunning work though!

  5. Simply INCREDIBLE work!!!!! I am in awe of your talent…you have completely transformed this not-so-pretty doll into a true work of art! Amazing!!!!! I really enjoyed watching this and will now subscribe to your channel!

  6. Amazing! So beautiful. Is she for sale? Do you take commissions? I collect these dolls and I have been waiting for someone to repaint mine.

  7. I love your accent! I could listen to you talk all day long. 🙂 You are beyond talented. Excellent work! Your dolls are beautiful!

  8. She looks so lovely! you're really pretty too!!
    I really love your videos when I've had a really stressful day or just need to calm down I love grabbing a snack and watching your gorgeous repaints and just relax. your voice is so lovely and it all just so relaxing and calming.

  9. So gorgeous. Would you do the two-headed large Monster High Styling Heads? Peri and Pearl?? Twice the giant repaint in one video, I'd love it|!!!

  10. I love the bigger dolls and the busts. I just think the more you do the better you look also all the detail is easier to see on the bigger ones

  11. I agree with the other posts you are beautiful! Have just one question why do you make it so dark around the teeth? The doll is just amazing. My granddaughter who is 4 saw me watching one of your videos now she is so hooked!

  12. I have been binging your videos since I discovered you yesterday! Your work is absolutely amazing!! This is definitely my favorite repaint so far. I love that you keep the doll's look natural and soft and of course, the realism you add to them I think is what I like most.

    I also completely agree with you when you said that this entire look could be easily worn by an actual person. From the hair to the oversized top trend, to the tulle skirt, necklace and shoes. This is a complete look and I'm here for it!

    Day two and I'm already such a fan! Keep up the good work!!


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